Spar & Bernstein P.C. Attorney Reduces Clients Federal Tax Debt by Almost $200,000!

A self-employed, single mother quickly needed to find a way to financially support herself and her child following a halt on income and the death of her parents. That is when she rashly tapped into her 401K plan.

Clouded by emotional trauma, the woman, under the age of 59, now faced immense financial penalties for collecting her 401K at too early of an age. In response for doing so, the Internal Revenue Service slapped a $197,000 penalty fee which further drowned the woman in debt.

Financially burdened, the woman turned to Spar & Bernstein, P.C. where she sought out the tax attorney services of Carmela Walrond.

Following a free consultation, Walrond immediately intervened, and began successful negotiations with the IRS. Ultimately talking down her client’s debt to a mere $2,000, Walrond saved her client a whopping $195,000!

Releasing the woman from the financial stress that was negatively affecting every aspect of her life – the client was “able to breathe again,” she gratefully expressed to Walrond.
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