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After suffering serious injuries in a car accident, Bernadette came to Spar & Bernstein to get a large settlement for her injuries. After years of hard fought negotiations, Personal Injury attorney Moshe Borukh was able to make sure Bernadette was compensated with the largest settlement possible.
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Dawn was out-of-status for over a decade, and found herself in a tough relationship that she thought would prevent her from ever getting a green card. But thanks to Spar & Bernstein, she was able to get her green card and leave her toxic relationship behind.
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Barbara tried getting her green card through other law firms multiple times, and each time they failed! Now, thanks to Spar & Bernstein attorney Rebecca Lenetsky, she will travel back Jamaica for Christmas for the first time in years. She'll have a green card in hand and no fear of what will happen when she…
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Dian and Nigel

Dian hasn’t seen her father since she was 2 years old. She has brothers and sisters she’s never met. Her husband Nigel hasn’t been back to Jamaica since he was 13 years old. But now, thanks to Spar & Bernstein, they’ve got their green card! And they’re going to celebrate by taking a much needed…
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