Colombian-American Finds Career Success in Media Industry

MIAMI — Prior to becoming a Spanish speaking correspondent for the National Basketball Association, and later, landing a job as a content producer for LaMusica App, Mauricio Mendoza began his career in America by working in restaurants and valet parking.

Born and raised in Colombia, Mendoza came to America for new opportunities and to be closer to his mother that lives in Orlando, Fl.

“I started from the bottom, got to know people, and little by little, I started building my network,” Mendoza said of his career advancement in an interview with Anna Azcona from Brad Show Live.

While eventually finding professional success in the U.S., Mendoza tells fellow immigrants to be patient in advancing their own American careers.

It is hard to build the network when you come to the country with no friends, Mendoza noted, “but little by little, you will start to know people.”

“This is a country that has a blend of cultures, and take advantage of that, learn different cultures. That is what makes you more competitive in the job market,” he said

See the video below to watch Mauricio Mendoza’s American Dream journey.

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