Documentarist Investigates Impact of Displacement – Aida’s Secrets

film depicts a universal message of immigration and refugees

One Documentary Filmmaker Discovered How Statistic Has Drastically Impacted the Course of his Life

The United Nations Refugee Agency reports that 68.5 million people around the world have been forced from their homes by conflict, violence, and natural disasters; and one documentary filmmaker set out to discover how that alarming statistic has drastically impacted the course of his life.

A family secret always bottled up, yet brimming with tangled mysteries was what Alon Schwarz was after. Rumors of his family members fleeing the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp had left holes in the family chain and pieces of family history unknown.

That is when he set out to investigate the trail of displaced family members in his documentary film, Aida’s Secrets.

Aida’s Secrets, The Film of a Universal Message of Immigration and Refugees

The film depicts a universal message of immigration and refugees, Schwarz shared in an interview on Brad Show Live. The story unravels the truth behind Schwarz’s extended family members; yet, a thematic undertone honorably shines a light on the unwavering persistence of refugees.

Watch the full interview below to hear Managing Partner of the Law Offices of Spar & Bernstein

Brad Bernstein discuss Aida’s Secrets.

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