From Journalist to Inspirational Speaker: Toan Lam

A makeshift boat would carry Toan Lam and his family away from Vietnam in the hopes of a better life. In the middle of the night, the family crossed the Pacific Ocean and arrived at an Indonesian refugee camp where they lived before being able to come to America.

In America, Toan Lam watched both his parents work hard to put a roof over his head and food on the table. From humble beginnings to pursuing American Dreams, the Lam’s were eventually able to send all their children to American universities.

Thankful for the sacrifices and challenges his parents faced to provide his siblings bountiful opportunities – Toan Lam is now an inspirational speaker.

Through his organization, he encourages others to overcome obstacles and highlights the importance of spreading positivity. By ultimately telling stories of everyday heroes, Lam emboldens small acts of kindness – in the hopes it will snowball into greater acts compassion.

Watch Lam’s full interview with Immigration Attorney Brad Bernstein at the link below to hear more on his immigration story and organization.

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