Adopted Sick Infant Gets New Lease on Life

NEW YORK — Found in a doorway, abandoned, infant Mary Green was taken to a hospital before being placed in an overcrowded orphanage in Seoul, South Korea.

Inside the orphanage, Green was known to be fighting off a severe case of staph infection at the time of her adoption.

Rushed on a flight to receive proper medical treatment, Green met her adoptive parents at a hospital in October of 1969 where she was immediately cared for the several infections the doctor noted would have killed her.

Overcoming her infections, Green grew up to be healthy, and was raised in a relatively small town in Mason City, IA  where she was naturalized at the age of four, she said on Brad Show Live.

Currently an entertainment editor for a People Magazine, Green wonders, more often on her birthday, what life might have been like for her if she never made it to the United States.

“Had I been fortunate to survive, the chances are that I would not have been educated,” she said. And as soon as one was old enough to leave the orphanage, “many girls were on the streets or became prostitutes.”

At the time, “there wasn’t a system set up to help these kids,” she explained.

Although Green was just 9-years-old when she came to United States, she said she has always grown up to be very thankful, and very grateful for having every opportunity.

“I was always acutely aware of how fortunate I was,” she said. And “I always had this feeling that things would be okay.”

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