Irish-American Discovers Identity

Vin McCarthy's entire segment on Brad Show Live

His Parent’s Homeland That Skewed His Cultural Identity Forever

NEW YORK From Irish relatives to Irish family friends, Vin McCarthy has been surrounded by Irish people all his life. Never aligning himself with any flag other than the waving green, white and orange; it was not until one particular vacation back to his parent’s homeland that his cultural identity was forever skewed.

McCarthy Thoughts and Conversations That Led Him to Conclude His Identity to be Equally American

All captured in his article, “Why don’t people in Ireland consider an Irish-American to be Irish,” McCarthy details his thoughts and conversations that led him to conclude his identity to be equally American.

Now comfortably labeling himself as an Irish-American, McCarthy has explored his experiences of belonging to two different cultural identities in his web series, “Diaspora.”

The show “is about diasporic experiences, and the small human moments of people who have left to come to a different country, or to be the children of parents who left to come to a different country,” he said in an interview on Brad Show Live.

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