Former Fox News Anchor Shares Experience After Sexual Harassment

Former Fox News Anchor Shares Experience After Sexual Harassment

NEW YORK — Sexual harassment accusations led well known national TV news anchor Juliet Huddy to depart 21st Century Fox after a 20 year long career.

“I was so scared to come out,” she said on Brad Show Live. “And when I finally did, they (Fox) didn’t want to hire or protect me, they wanted to scoot me out of there and shut me up; that is why I don’t have job.”

In 2017, Huddy settled a lawsuit with Fox News alleging sexual harassment from longtime Fox anchor Bill O’Reilly and present CEO Jack Abernethy.

“I knew that if I went to human resources immediately, I would have had a target on my back, and they would be shooting bows and arrows at me,” she said.

Huddy became the second person out of five woman to monetarily settle with O’Reilly on accounts of sexual harassment, according to reports by the New York Times.

The news anchor started her career at Fox in 1998 as a Miami bureau correspondent where she covered breaking news in the southeast. She was later transferred to the Los Angeles bureau, then New York, where she hosted weekend episodes of “Fox & Friends.”

Despite her breadth of experience at the network, Huddy’s career was affected by the allegations. She was ultimately re-assigned to a Fox affiliate station.

Finally having left Fox, she continues to be looking for another job in television, but is finding it really hard, she said.

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