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Spar & Bernstein Client

Congratulations to our Spar & Bernstein client who came to our office to collect his green card after struggling in the United States out of status since 1982. Our client came to Spar & Bernstein after several failed attempts at trying to legalize himself. Our attorneys represented him in his divorce and than for his green card. As he said to me in the office today, "Thank god I don't have to deal with those people over there at Immigration anymore". He's a good guy and deserves it.

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Jacqueline Richardson & Dave Aimable



Congratulations to our beautiful clients Jacqueline Richardson and Dave Aimable. Jacqueline originally came to us in 2011 and we helped her obtain a green card for her mother. Than she fell in love with Dave, a casino manager born in St. Lucia and working in St. Martin. In under 9 months, our law firm obtained Dave's green card and he has since happily and legally joined his wife Jacqueline in the United States. They stopped by the firm yesterday to say "thank you". Jacqueline told me she has several friends waiting for their husbands to enter the United States and they all started cases before her. Prior successful results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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Ann-Marie's sister in Jamaica unexpectedly and sadly passed away at a young age leaving behind three orphan children ages 15, 13, and 11 with no surviving mother or father to raise them or care for them.

Not knowing what to do, Ann Marie came to Spar & Bernstein for help! Our attorneys immediately began the immigration process and obtained approval of three green cards for her nieces and nephews within months through an orphan petition. Once in the United States, Ann Marie completed a full adoption of each of them in State Court and making all the children United States Citizens. All of this completed in a little more than 12 months.

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CONGRATULATIONS: FIGHTING FOR OUR CLIENTS IN A IMMIGRATION RELATED FEDERAL LAW SUIT - When our client Barrington came to us, he was already turned down for his green card in 1991 because of two driving under the influence of alcohol arrests dating back to the 1980's. We filed an adjustment application for him through his marriage to his US Citizen wife, yet our application that our office prepared for him met the same fate as his prior applications: a denial for poor moral character from alcohol related incidences that occurred more than 30 years ago. Clean and Sober for 25 years, with the help of an awesome lead immigration attorney Shannon Laguerre-Maingrette and her paralegal Wanda Benites, our Firm filed a federal law suit under the Administrative Procedures Act against the Department of Homeland Security challenging their denial as a violation of their own rules, regulations and procedures. Within months of our federal law suit, Barrington was issued his green card. Case won! At Spar & Bernstein, we don't give up easily and we are especially pleased to have "righted" 25 years of frustration by our client in his dealings with the Department of Homeland Security. Pictured is myself (Brad Bernstein) with Barrington, and my amazing legal team of Shannon and Wanda.

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For 25 years, Errol (a United States Citizen) has been living apart and trying to file for Merna, his wife, who he loves, to join him in the United States from Jamaica. There was only one 1988, just as she entered adulthood, Merna made a mistake and tried to enter the United States with a photo substituted passport. She was looking to make a better life for herself in America. She was apprehended by border patrol and returned to Jamaica. It was the only time in her life she broke the law but, she was now barred and punished for the rest of her life from living in the United States.

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Her Friends Doubted We Could Help, But Now Juliet Has A Green Card

Several years ago, Juliet's brother physically assaulted her causing injuries to Juliet that required hospitalization for over a week. Despite the family relationship and her lack of legal status in the United States, Juliet was courageous enough to press criminal charges against her brother resulting in his conviction for assault.

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The U.S. Government Accused This Woman of Lying And Tried to Deport Her. Thats When She Called Law Offices of Spar & Bernstein, P.C.

Yvonne’s mother, a United States Citizen filed for Yvonne in 1995 as a single unmarried daughter.

In 1997, while still waiting for her green card in Jamaica, Yvonne married Oral. Neither the Immigration Service nor the U.S. Embassy was notified that Yvonne got married. When she was scheduled for a interview at the U.S. Embassy in Kingston for her green card, Yvonne was asked several questions but never asked about her marital status. She was granted her immigrant visa as a unmarried daughter of a United States Citizen. Yvonne entered the United States in August of 2002 and subsequently became a Lawful Permanent Resident.

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Our client Rylan has been a permanent resident of the United States for as long as he could remember. Many moons ago, he lost his passport and his green card. But "back in the day", Rylan had some "run-in's" with the law and for more than a decade he was petrified to try to replace his green card and his passport for fear of deportation. We researched his court records and counseled Rylan that all of his offenses were either dismissed or petty and did not rise to the level of a deportable offense. After being terrified to replace his green card for more than 10 years, we gave Rylan the courage to do that with the assurance that all will be ok. The day I took the picture with him, he got his green card replaced in the mail and he literally danced into our office to let us know.

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We Got This Man His Green Card With No Time To Spare:


CALL 1-800-529-5465 (USA)
CALL +1-212-227-8933 (INTERNATIONA

Ian's was turning 21 and was about to lose out on his chance for a green card. Ian's parents had just become U.S. Citizens when he was past the age of 20. We jumped on the case, filed a timely adjustment and a few months latter Ian got his green card and became a lawful permanent resident of the United States. Another happy client and success story.

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Woman Abandoned as a Baby in the UK Gets Her Green Card!

Tracey grew up in the United Kingdom and had a child at a young age. In 1999, she moved to the U.S. to give her son a better opportunity. Arriving in America, Tracey immediately built a successful business in Brooklyn selling African products and handmade items, making a good life for her family.

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