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We Saved this Community Man from Deportation and Got Him a Green Card!

When Daren noticed a community playground needed to be updated for a local NYC K-5 school, he charged himself with launching a fundraiser. Ultimately raising the necessary means, Daren was ecstatic to reveal the new playground - but one hurdle stood in his way. He was about to be deported.


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Claudia Breedy

We Got This Woman a Green Card in Under Two Years!

Nearly 25 years ago, Claudia Breedy entered the U.S. uninspected. Upon arriving, she fell in love with a citizen and the wedding bells chimed. Despite the fact that Claudia was happily married, her undocumented immigration status saddened her. And as more time continued to pass, paranoia overwhelmed Claudia, which scared her away from making any effort towards obtaining permanent residency.

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Hard-Working Man Gets Green Card After 30 Years!

Shaine first came to the U.S. in 1988 to escape the devastation of Hurricane Gilbert that ravaged his home country of Jamaica and forced him out of work. He later arrived in Chicago with hope of better opportunities. Despite a bright future ahead of him, Shaine’s lack of immigration status continued to eclipse his dreams.

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Here I am with out happy client Nazima who just came to our office to pick up her green card making her a lawful permanent resident of the United States.

Nazima hired us to prepare and file her adjustment of status application based on her previously approved U-1 visa. She had to hire us because her former attorney simply "dropped the ball."

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Congratulations to Herman on his citizenship and Rommella on becoming a lawful resident of the United States. Rommella was so happy when she came to our office to pick up her green card! She told me she can't wait to go back to the Philippines to visit her mom who she has not seen for a long time.
Here I am with our happy clients Herman and Rommella along with one of our amazing paralegals Myola who over the past few years helped Herman and his children to become United States citizens and Rommella to become a lawful resident.

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Here I am with our very happy client Maricris. She came to us in October 2014 on a student visa and we helped her to become a permanent resident of the United States. In the span of 6.5 months, we filed an adjustment application for Maricris, and she went for her interview to obtain her lawful permanent residence green card. She recently came back to visit us and to thank us as she recently returned from the Philippines visiting her family whom she had not seen for years.

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When Camaile came to our office in November 2013, she was already stopped at JFK airport and placed into removal and deportation proceedings after returning to the United States from visiting her sick mother in Jamaica. Due to a misrepresentation in her green card application, the Immigration Service was looking to take her green card away and deport her back to Jamaica. Because we were able to show that Camaile was otherwise a person of outstanding moral character and because of future hardships to herself and her family, we were able to convince a judge in a deportation proceeding to grant her a waiver and give her back her green card. A happy Camaile who will get to live in the United States for the rest of her life is pictured with Brad Bernstein. Another happy client and success story.

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Marco had a problem when he came to us in 2014. He was 20 years old when we first met him. He told us that he was brought to the United States as a minor child well before his teenage years without inspection. His father, who was a United States Citizen, had previously filed for him. Unfortunately his adjustment application was denied, and he was facing possible deportation; all because his father’s name was not entered on his birth certificate and because he had no entry document to the United States. Time was running out for Marco!

At Spar & Bernstein we quickly jumped into action. Our priority was getting an I-130 visa petition re-filed by his United States Citizen father and approved before his 21st birthday so that Marco would not have to suffer the long waiting lines for a green card. To do so, we organized DNA testing to prove that Marco’s father was in fact his biological father. Once we did that, the I-130 was approved.

We still had another problem to overcome. How can Marco adjust his status here in the United States? We obtained Marco’s father's immigration records and determined that Marco’s father originally obtained his green card through another family member.

To be specific, we determined that Marco was the Derivative Beneficiary of an I-130 Petition that was filed by his U.S. citizen grandfather, Lionel, on behalf of his now-U.S. Citizen father, on or before April 30, 2001 and was “approvable when filed.” Lionel petitioned for his son on January 21, 2000. Because the relationship between Marco and his US Citizen father was established by DNA, and that relationship was in existence on or before April 30, 2001, Marco is independently grandfathered. Additionally, as a derivative beneficiary, he is not required to establish his physical presence in the United States on December 30, 2000. Accordingly, Marco was grandfathered and eligible to adjust his status under §245(i). He recently received his green card, even though he already reached the age of 21. All because we had everything filed before his 21st birthday.

He was more than proud to take a picture with us and show his gratitude. We are happy for Marco and wish him the best in the future.

Another happy client and success story.

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A mother’s commitment has no limits!

While visiting the United States, our client Julia Belotte chanced upon the love of her life. Recognizing the clear chemistry between them, she followed the path many have before, and made the decision to get married. It was through this marriage that Ms. Belotte spent more than five years in America. The relationship was both a gift and a curse, as it brought about the birth of a beautiful child, but had begun to take an emotional toll on her. In the end, she made the conscious decision to separate herself from the marriage for the sake of her own happiness and to remove her children from the declining marriage.

They say a mother’s love knows no pain, daring to challenge all obstacles it comes across. Such a life-changing event did not stop Julia from continuing to work tirelessly so she could provide for her children. She further demonstrated this compassion while working as a certified nurse’s aid, providing for those that needed care. In due time her hard work was rewarded when we were able to help her obtain her ten year lawful permanent resident card. Ms. Belotte can now remain in the United States with her mother, sister, and children. She chose to seize control over her own life and in three years time will be eligible for her citizenship. She was all smiles when she came back to thank the attorneys here at Spar & Bernstein!

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Our client Mr. Blake, is a wonderful and caring father of five children. He works day in and out to ensure that his children, three in the United States and two in Jamaica, are properly supported. Unfortunately, Mr. Blake was taken advantage of resulting in a severe immigration situation where he was left to fend for himself with an expiring green card. Throughout this difficult period in his life he stayed true to his character and continued to abide by his generous and affectionate ways, being a good father and an honest gentleman. He made sure to pass this idealism to his children while also instilling a strong work ethic and stressing the importance of education. Mr. Blake has never been arrested and throughout his time in America has respected the laws of the country by abiding to the rules of immigration. He can now breathe a sigh of relief. He just obtained his lawful permanent resident card. And oh, is he a happy man. Pictured is Brad Bernstein, Immigration Attorney Marina Brakefield and Mr. Blake. Marina fought hard for Mr Blake and he was thrilled to to take a picture with us upon the granting of his lawful resident status.

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