Apply For Citizenship

Apply For Citizenship

Before you apply for U.S. Citizenship, check if you are eligible. To be eligible, you have to either have Permanent Residency (a Green Card) for at least five years, or you have been filing as the spouse of a U.S. citizen for at least three years.

By obtaining US Citizenship, you can avail all the rights and freedom of being a permanent citizen in the United States. The US Federal Government has set strict rules & regulations for accepting the US citizenship applications of non-US citizens. Whether you are applying for US citizenship through Naturalization or parents, it is essential to understand the entire process first.

Below are some important facts, which you need to check before applying for US Citizenship.

  • When you apply for citizenship through Naturalization, make sure your Permanent Resident Card is valid. If you are applying in less than six months before the card expires, your application may get rejected. It is suggested to renew the card after it is expired, and then apply for US Citizenship through naturalization. Before receiving the new Green Card, if you want to apply for citizenship, then it is mandatory to provide a photocopy of Form I-90 receipt.
  • You need to be at least 18-years-old at the time of filing for US citizenship. Also, a person of good moral character is considered one of eligibility criteria. You must be able to read, write or speak English. If you miss any of these eligibility conditions, there are chances your US citizenship application will be denied.
  • Filing US Citizenship application through naturalization involves a number of regulations. You need to prepare and submit the N-400 form thoroughly. Any mistake in the application form, may result in rejection. Also, it is mandatory to take the US Naturalization test and attend the personal interview.

If you don’t have a birth certificate or are born outside the U.S., the filing procedure is a bit different.  To avoid any confusion, you can consult our immigration attorneys. Our attorneys are experienced in immigration law practices, and have good knowledge about the US Citizenship application. From preparing the documents to applying, our attorneys will help you at every phase.

At Spar Bernstein Law Offices, it is our responsibility to guide you throughout the procedure, and help you in obtaining the US citizenship status. Contact us today for more information and updates regarding American citizenship.

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