Citizen Petition

Citizen Petition

US Citizen Petition is a Permanent Residence application submitted by a US Citizen or a US lawful permanent resident, for a foreign citizen. The one who files the citizen petition is termed as the sponsor of an immigrant visa. According to the US Immigration Law, anyone with valid US citizenship or authorization can file the US citizen petition to promote family unity.

Mainly, a US citizen is allowed to file petitions for their Spouse, Children, Parents, and Siblings. On approval, the immigrants will obtain a Green card (permanent residence) and are allowed to live and work permanently in the United States. Filing a citizen petition for family members involves many restrictions. As a US Citizen or a permanent resident, you are only allowed to file citizen petition for immediate relatives. There are also certain clauses which will enable filing for other family members too.

If you are confused about the US citizen petition filing procedure and regulations, we recommend you to consult our immigrant attorneys ASAP.  Our attorneys are experienced and well-versed with the petitions. They can resolve the complications involved with the process and can swiftly submit your request. From consultations to legal paperwork, our attorneys provide every possible help regarding immigration issues in the US.

How to File the Citizen Petition?

You will have to submit the petition to USCIS justifying your family relationship with the immigrant. First, complete the Form I-130 petition for Alien relatives. In case your family member for whom you are filing the petition stays in the US, we suggest you file the Form I-485 along with the I-130 to adjust their permanent residence status.

It is also mandatory to provide evidence with the forms supporting your US citizenship status. Some essential documents include a copy of birth certificate, Naturalization certificate, Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA), Unexpired US passport, and others depending on which relative you are petitioning for. Once all the documents are attached, sign and file the petition.

There is no need to worry about any mistake or confusion. Our attorneys will guide you throughout the entire process and will file the US citizen petition on behalf of you.

What Happens Next?

USCIS receives the application and starts the processing. As the petitioner, you will get a notice regarding the recipient status, biometrics appointment interview, and a written notice of the decision.

If your relative stays outside the provinces of the United States, the petition will be forwarded to the National Visa Center (NVC). NVC will notify your relative and will initiate the consular processing for an immigrant visa.

However, if your relative is already in the US, he/she can directly apply for adjustment after a visa number is available using Form I-485.

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