Are You Eligible To Apply For A Green Card?

To apply for a Green Card, the applicant needs to complete two forms: form I-485 for a Green card application and an immigrant petition. This form needs to be filed by a sponsor, but in some cases, you may be eligible to register yourself. However, before submitting the Green Card application, it is necessary to check your eligibility and understand the US Citizenship regulations.

According to US immigration laws, the eligibility criteria for a Green Card may vary depending on your immigrant category. Refer to the possible categories below through which you can apply for a US Green Card.

  • Green Card Through Family – When you are applying for a Green Card through family preferences it is essential to determine your immigrant category. Presently, US immigration law allows Green Cards to immigrants who belong to groups such as an immediate relative, lawful relative, fianc√©, and widow(er) of a U.S. citizen. Also, if you are a victim of battery or extreme cruelty, you are allowed to file a petition for a Green Card.
  • Green Card Through Employment – This is when you employer sponsors your petition. Whether you are an immigrant worker, investor or a Physician National Interest Waiver; you are eligible to file a Green Card application through employment.
  • Green Card Through Asylum Or Refugee Status – If you have been granted asylum or refugee status, you can apply for a US Green Card. However, before filing the petition with such complicated status, we recommend you consult with our immigration attorneys. Our team will ensure you understand the entire procedure and will submit the request on your behalf.
  • Green Card For Special Immigrants – USCIS allows legal immigration to individual immigrants from other countries. This category includes religious workers, juveniles, international broadcasters, NATO-6, and some family members. If you belong to any of these specific immigrant categories, you can apply for a Green Card in the US.
  • Green Card For Victims – For victims, US Immigration laws are lenient. If you have been a victim of human trafficking or crime in the US, and don’t have an immigrant visa, you are eligible to apply for a US Green Card. VAWA self-petitioners and Special Immigrant Juveniles are also allowed to file the petition.

Aside from these above-stated categories, USCIS also accepts Green Card application of individuals under the Cuban Adjustment Act, Diversity Immigration Visa Program, HRIFA status, Lautenberg Parolee, Indochinese Parole Adjustment Act of 2000, Section 13 (diplomat), and many others.
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