When Do You Need To Contact An Immigration Law Office In NYC?

Do you want be a permanent resident of the United States? Are you frustrated with the complexity of United States Immigration laws? If so, it is essential to contact an immigration law office in NYC if you are dealing with issues pertaining to permanent residence, citizenship, and visas.

An immigration lawyer mainly handles legal issues involving permanent or temporary relocation to another country. In the U.S., immigration laws are incredibly complicated. Those going through the process may face difficulties in navigating the laws without the assistance of an immigration attorney. To avoid inconveniences, it is highly recommended to hire a trustable immigration attorney in NYC.

Listed below are a few situations where hiring an immigration lawyer can provide you with desired relief and results.

  • When you are uncertain about your eligibility for a green card – Before applying for a green card (lawful permanent residence) in the United States, you need to understand the eligibility criteria. If you don’t meet the qualifications determined by US immigration laws and regulations, then your permanent residence application request will be rejected. By consulting a premier immigration lawyer in New York, an applicable pathway towards obtaining a green card is executed.
  • When you are requesting discretionary relief for immigration – If you have a criminal record or have experienced political or social persecution from your native country, you can file waivers or seek asylum. As per U.S. immigration law, you can receive legal residence through discretionary reliefs. Consult an immigration law office in NYC for more information.
  • When you are placed into deportation or removal proceedings – US immigration authorities can deport people in case a violation is noticed. If you are ordered deported, then it is essential to contact an immigration lawyer in NYC. The immigration lawyer can help you fight for your rights.
  • When immigration rejects your application– Many times, immigration rejects applications because of invalid information and details. In case it is unknown as to why your request was denied, you need to contact the best immigration law office in NYC. The immigration attorney will inspect your rejection and will suggest other alternatives.
  • When you have been convicted of a crime – While filing an immigration application form, you need to submit your entire criminal record, if any. Your application will be reviewed as per the US immigration laws, and the status will be declared accordingly. The experienced immigration lawyers in NYC know how to overlap the criminal cases with the immigration laws. So, don’t make any delay in consulting an attorney.
  • When your application status is pending for an unreasonably long time- The immigration process in the US involves various phases. Sometimes, the status is cleared, and sometimes it is not. If your application were pending for a long time, you would need to discuss your issues with a trustable immigration law office in NYC.
  • When your employer is not assisting you with the immigration formalities – Employee-based visas or immigration benefits are always complicated. If your employer is not supporting you with the immigration procedure, then it is essential to hire an immigration lawyer. The lawyers are well-versed with such situations and ensure that employers are maintaining their obligations to immigrant workers.

In all of the above situations, it is suggested to contact a reliable immigration law office in NYC as soon as possible.

If you are still confused about the role of an immigration lawyer, then please go through the information mentioned below.

How Can An Immigration Lawyer Help You?

  • An immigration attorney represents your immigration case in the court and speaks on your behalf.
  • Your lawyer can defend your arrest and detainment by the US immigration authorities.
  • The immigration lawyer will file the necessary paperwork related to your immigration petitions, applications, adjustments, etc.
  • An attorney will help you understand your rights as an immigrant and guide you throughout the entire process.

Whether you are moving to the US for a job or with your family, an experienced immigration attorney is always helpful.

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