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Advice For Visitor Visa Holders In Light Of COVID-19 | Getting Answers | Pandemic Pop-up

4-6-20 Immigration Questions 0:05 How do I correct an error on my I-130 petition? 0:59 What documents do I need to file for citizenship? 2:03 Is Brad cooking for himself? 4:00 What is your advice for people who are currently in the U.S. with a visa that is set to expire? 5:09 My sister's I-360 application was approved in April 2018. She is still waiting for a decision & her green card. What is going on? 6:25 Can my U.S. citizen husband file for me and my daughter at the same time? What is the filing fee? 7:56 How can you expedite your travel parole? 8:22 What are some unemployment benefits I can apply for? 8:49 What happens if your second prima facie expires? 9:29 When should I hear from USCIS?  10:27 Is there a poverty guidelines requirement for getting a green card through VAWA? 10:43 My son's case is at the NVC. My child is 19-years-old now. Will he get a visa appointment before he is 21? 11:33 Can a petitioner use the intending immigrant's income as a sponsor for the affidavit of support? 12:19 If an F-1 visa holder files a joint tax return with a U.S. citizen spouse, and the F-1 visa holder leaves the U.S. and then returns, would that person have an issue returning to the U.S.? 13:29  Is it normal for my kids' documents to be at the NVC for over a year? 13:55 What is the difference between the imposition and execution of a criminal sentence for immigration purposes? 15:29 My I-130 petition was approved Nov. 22, but the I-485 was not due to an expired medical. There has not been an update since then. What is going on? 15:54 Has the I-751 fee increased? 16:10  Why have I not received my work permit yet?  16:53 How do I fix an error on my application that has been sent to the NVC? 17:41 How can an inmate file to be released if the courthouses are not open? 18:14 Can I file for VAWA if I'm a victim of domestic abuse? 19:08 My friend still doesn't have a decision since she went for her interview 3-years ago? 19:32 My green card holder son is stuck in the Philipines. Can he come back to the U.S.? 20:16 Can Spar & Bernstein sue USCIS for delaying my case? 20:30 If I changed my marriage case to a VAWA case, how can I include my children on the case? 21:00 Can I as a green card holder file for my 9-year-old daughter? Can I file for my mom?  21:57 When can I give USCIS my thumbprints? 22:29 Is it okay to collect unemployment benefits with an application pending? 22:58 Is USCIS giving an extension on motions to reopen? 23:25 Can a life insurance policy be used as evidence of a bona fire marriage? 23:41 Can a conditional green card holder apply for Medicaid? Would that be considered a public charge? 24:08 Can I file for my new spouse if I got my green card through VAWA? 24:44 How much does it cost to file for VAWA? 25:04 Can I get U.S. citizenship through Liberian Amnesty?  26:03 Can my spouse still get his green card if there is a ban against him? 26:42 After my asylum claim is approved, how long does the AOS process take? 27:05 Where do I send my I-360 & I-485 application? Attorney Advertisement. Prior successful results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Call us for HELP NOW! *USA*: 1-800-529-5465 *INT:* 1-212-227-8933

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