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Biden Picks Deb Haaland as First Native American Interior Secretary | Immigration News

00:00-04:02 According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University, there are now over 74.6 million novel coronavirus cases worldwide. Over 1.65 million people have died. Over 42.1 million people have recovered globally. An FDA advisory panel voted 20-0 today to recommend an emergency use authorization for the COVID-19 vaccine developed by drugmaker Moderna and the National Institutes of Health. 04:03- 10:40 CNN reports that Moderna's coronavirus vaccine is similar to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine that was authorized and shipped out to the first Americans earlier this week. But there are a few key differences: Most importantly, Moderna's vaccine can be stored in normal freezers and does not require a super-cold transportation network, making it more accessible for smaller facilities and local communities 10:41-11:27 Hundreds of invitees decided to skip an indoor holiday party hosted by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his wife Susan on Tuesday following an outcry from public health officials and U.S. lawmakers warning that the reception had all the hallmarks of a superspreader event. Pompeo canceled his speech and instead tapped a substitute speaker. 11:28-12:11 Meanwhile, Biden's Inauguration Committee has an unusual but fitting request for this year - stay home. This, of course, is due to the coronavirus pandemic and concerns of a spread with crowds and travel. Instead of traveling to D.C., the committee is asking Americans to participate in the inauguration scheduled for Wednesday, January 20, 2021, by watching from home, "in accordance with public health guidelines." 12:12-14:23 Biden has tapped Deb Haaland, a Democratic congresswoman from New Mexico, to serve as the first Native American interior secretary. A member of Pueblo of Laguna, Haaland, would become the first descendant of the original people to populate North America to serve as a Cabinet secretary.  14:23-23:16 This January, two Senate races in Georgia will decide control of the Senate, which will have a big impact on how much Biden can get done in his first two years in office. These two runoffs in Georgia are happening because no candidate got more than 50 percent of the vote in November. When that happens, election law says the top two vote getters must go to a runoff. This vote will be held on Jan. 5. 2021. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that according to an updated voter registration list, 76 thousand new voters registered in Georgia in between the October deadline to register for the 2020 presidential election and the December deadline to register for the Senate runoffs. 23:17-25:14 Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says Congress has finally made progress on a coronavirus stimulus bill, and lawmakers won’t leave town until the deal is done. The $900 billion bill on the table includes an additional $300 a week in jobless benefits and a possible new round of stimulus checks at $600 per person.  25:15-25:43 The winter storm that hit parts of the Northeast yesterday dropped more snow than all of last year’s winter season. Those living in and around New York City, Philadelphia and Boston woke this morning to between 6 to 12 inches of snow. New York's Central Park saw 10 inches as of Thursday morning, more than what fell during last year's entire winter season, the National Weather Service noted. 25:44-28:22 An Australian jogger was attacked by a kangaroo who may have been attracted by her Sarah Jessica Parker perfume. Tracy Noonan appeared on Australia’s “Ross and Russel” radio program to recount the ordeal, which occurred earlier this month in the Melbourne suburb of Beaconsfield, The Australian reports. 28:23- 31:38 Officials announced Monday that elite breakdancing will make its Olympics debut at Paris 2024. It will be the first DanceSport event to appear at an Olympic Games, having been staged at the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires two years ago. 31:39-33:28 A generous French philanthropist has left a sum of money to some unusual beneficiaries in his will -- a bunch of cats living in the basement of the State Hermitage Museum in Russia. . Attorney Advertisement. Prior successful results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Call us for HELP NOW! *USA*: 1-800-529-5465 *INT:* 1-212-227-8933 VISIT Law Offices of Spar Bernstein 225 Broadway, 5th FL New York, New York 10007 Book Immigration Consultation with Brad Bernstein for Legal Consultation NOW! Book an Immigration consultation with our immigration lawyer NOW! Join the Brad Squad SOCIAL MEDIA Visit BradShowLive Facebook Follow Brad Show Live Instagram Follow Brad Show Live Twitter

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