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Brad and Squeeze Guest Pass Family of Jean Montrevil January 12, 2018 IMMIGRATION EDITION

Immigration attorney Brad Bernstein and CEO David "Squeeze" Annakie Skyped with the family of Jean Montrevil, an immigrant rights activist before he was deported on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 for crime he committed and served time for over 30 years ago. The morning of the 8 year anniversary of the Haitian earthquake and shortly after Trump's disgusting comments regarding Haiti and African countries, Brad & Squeeze introduced you to an American family of 4 children (ages 27, 19, 14 & 10) with a loving Haitian father, Brooklyn business owner and immigrant rights activist who a was held in a Miami detention center before being deported to a Haitian prison. Please watch and understand what is happening to families right now. When Jean Montrevil's family joined us, their petition had around 6,000 signatures. Now they've garnered nearly 11,000 signatures and climbing! If you are compelled by this family's heart-wrenching story, sign the petition to get Jean Montrevil home to his family at

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