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The Brad & Squeeze Show on February 6, 2018

Immigration Law FAQ

NYC immigration attorney Brad Bernstein and CEO David "Squeeze" Annakie of 93.5 FM WVIP stream live from the Law Offices of Spar and Bernstein in New York City to answer your legal immigration questions like: Can you qualify for asylum if your town is too dangerous to live in and do you have to wait until your child turns 21 years old to sponsor you? Joining us today, we have Jenee Chizick-Aguerro, the founder and publisher of "Motivos", a bilingual magazine staffed and produced by college and graduating high school-age journalists. Other legal immigration questions covered in this episode include: If you came to the United States on an F1 student visa but did not go to school due to illness, what can you do if you now want to attend school? If you entered the US with a false name, got a green card and was denied US citizenship because USCIS realized that you misrepresented to get a green card, can a child file for you? If you are a 2 year green card holder who got your green card through marriage, will you have a problem removing the conditions of your green card if it is not clear that you were divorced from a previous spouse in your home country? How long will it take to renew an expired green card and how much will it cost? If you came to the United States without inspection and are married, how can you get a green card? How long will it take to become a US citizen? If you applied for a green card through marriage, can you continue to visit the United States on a visitors visa? Can a child file for you if you were denied entry to the US while traveling with travel documents from the US Virgin Islands? Do you have to to file another I-130 if you filed one more than a year ago? How can you get a green card if you overstayed on a visa? What should you do if your adjustment of status was denied because your spouse did not show up to the interview? If you are a lawful permanent resident who filed an I-130 for your 19 year child, will they age out (turn 21 years old) before they are approved? Can you get a leave of absence to fight in the Israeli army? How do you do a reinstatement of your visa? If you are deported from the UK for drugs, how can you get a visa? Can you be sponsored by an employer if you overstayed on a J1 visa and are now out of status? If you are a green card holder, will you have an issue becoming a citizen of the United States if you have a arrest for drug possession on your record? Can you get a work permit if you have children who are US citizens? At what age can a child file for a parent? Why is a work permit renewal taking so long? If you were deported from the United States and returned to the US because your life was in danger, what can you do to get a green card and remain in the United States? If you came to the USA on C1/D1 visa, got married , got approved for an I-130 but was denied your green card, what should do? If your parent started to file for you and died, can someone else take over the petition? If you have done joint affidavits for 3 people, can you do one for a 4th person? How can you get waivers for past crimes and deportation orders? If you are in the United States on a visitors visa and want to stay in the US because you witnessed a crime in your home country, what should you do? If you are a citizen of the United States. can you sponsor your relative as an employer if they provide child care for you? How long will it take to file for an parent? Will filing taxes separately from your spouse affect your ability to remove the conditions of green card? If you have a pending criminal case, will you be able to get a green card? If you are a green card holder who wants to apply for US citizenship, should you file for a minor child now? If you are student visa holder, who has a parent who is a green card holder who filed for you, how long will the process take? Can you travel out of the United States with your children who are waiting for their green cards? What happens if you reschedule your green card interview because your lawyer did not show up? Is there a backlog in NY for marriage based green card applications? Can you get a waiver if you entered the United States with fraudulent documents? How long does it take to receive work authorization after you file for an adjustment of status? How do you get a green card, if you married and divorced a US citizen without adjusting your status and now have children? Can you get a state ID once you have a work permit? What can you do if were banned from entering the United Sates for 5 years? How long does it take to file for children? What should you do if you are detained by ICE and have a pending green card application? How long after submitting additional documents for an I-751 application should you hear something from the office of immigration?

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