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The Brad & Squeeze Show IMMIGRATION EDITION November 28, 20 17 AM

Immigration Law FAQ

Brad Bernstein, an immigration lawyer in New York City and David “Squeeze” Annakie of LinkUp Media live from the Law Offices of Spar & Bernstein located in New York to cover immigration news and answer legal questions on immigration such as: What should you do if you are in the process of applying for a green card and need to travel out of the United States and if you have dual citizenship which passport should you use to travel? Other immigration questions covered in this episode include: What should you do if the immigration office contests your provisional (I601-A) waiver? If you are dual citizen of Jamaica and the United States, can you be forced to use your US passport when entering to Jamaica? What is a sanctuary city? Can you travel on a visitor's visa if you have a pending adjustment of status? Can you travel out of the United States with an expired green card? If you are a US citizen, how do you get a green card for a child who lives with you and how long after that child receives a green card can they apply to become a citizen of the United States? If you are applying for an adjustment of status but cannot be sponsored by a spouse because the receive Social Security benefits, can you be sponsored by a coworker? Will immigration no if you were denied a visa under your married name and then receive a visa under your maiden name? IF you are a CD1 crew member visa holder married to a US citizen, how do you adjust your status? If you have pending United States citizenship, what is the next step to file for a new spouse? What should you do if you entered the US with a visitor's visa while pregnant without the intent to give birth in the United States but were not cleared to fly home by your doctor and have given birth? If you are a green card holder and are convicted of a DWI, will you be able to become a US citizen?

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