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The Brad Show January 15, 2018 LAWLINK EDITION (100th Episode)

Immigration Law FAQ

Immigration attorney Brad Bernstein and CEO Annakie of WVIP 93.5 FM stream live from the Law Offices of Spar and Bernstein in NYC to answer your legal immigration questions like: If you are a 10 year visa holder, will you be allowed to enter the United States if you have drug conviction and what does the temporary injunction mean for DACA recipients? Other immigration questions in this episode include? What should you do if your name on your marriage license does not match your birth certificate and you want to apply for a green card? If you are green card holder and were arrested for a non-drug related crime, should you travel? outside of the US? What should you do if you are detained at the airport when returning to the United States? When is it possible to be de-naturalized? Will there be repercussions for listing an employer if you worked without work authorization? If you relocate, do you need to update your address on your green card? How long does it take to get approval on an I-130? What does DACA stand for? If you change addresses will your USCIS case be moved? How soon after changing your address should you notify USCIS, and what forms should you use? If you are a F2A case and have submitted a DS-260, what will be the next step? How do you file to bring step-children to the United States for a visit? If you are a green card holder, how do you apply for US citizenship? What should you file first after getting married if you want to adjust your status? Can you file an I-485, if you are in deportation? If you overstayed on a B1 visa, were detained and are in the process of getting a divorce can you file in the state you are living in if your spouse is in Jamaica? Can you file for US citizenship and file for a spouse if you are a green card holder through a previous marriage? Should a conditional green card holder file joint taxes if they have not lived with their spouse for the past 2 years? Does it matter that a child will become 21 years old shortly after an I-130 application is submitted for them? Can you file an I-485 before the I-130 is approved? What'is the approximate cost of filing for a child under the age of 21 years old? If you are married to a citizen of the United States and adjusting your status, should get an immigration lawyer? How much does it cost to adjust your status through marriage? Should a parent file for you if there will not be space available for you to come to the US for at least 2 years? What is the next step after filing an I-130? How soon after marrying a citizen of the United States can you file for child? What should you do if your spouse filed for you and your children and one of children was denied? Will your green card application be affected if you filed your taxes under married filing separate status? What should you do if your children were dropped off of your petition because the turned 21 years old?

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