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The Brad Show January 18, 2018 IMMIGRATION EDITION

Immigration Law FAQ

New York City immigration lawyer Brad Bernstein and CEO Annakie of Link Up Media Group stream live from the Law Offices of Spar and Bernstein in New York City to answer your legal immigration questions like: If you are a citizen of the United States, will your siblings be denied visitors visa if they admit that they have a relative in the US and if a citizen of the United States files for a parent to get a green card, how long will the approval take? Later, immigration attorney Brad Bernstein is joined by Spar and Bernstein Criminal Defense Attorney Paul Hirsh to give you tips on how to stay safe within 100 miles of an international border, an area where ICE can stop you at will and your constitutional rights aren't guaranteed. Other legal immigration questions covered in this episode include: How long will it take parent to file for married adult child with a teenage child? If you are adjusting your status through marriage, can you add your child who lives outside of the US to your case? How long does it take for an I-130 to be approved? If you are married to a green card holder and want to adjust your status, can you include your 18 years old child on your case? Can a green card holder file for a spouse and will the spouse receive a work permit while waiting? How long will take for a sibling to file for you? Can you file for a sibling with a different last name? How long after doing an interview will you know if you have been approved? Can you get a work permit if your overstayed on a visa and are waiting for waiver? Will a criminal charge when you were a minor affect your application to become a citizen of the United States? If you were adopted by a grandchild prior to coming to the US and getting a green card, can you file for your biological parents? How hard is it to get a provisional waiver? How long does it take to get a waiver approved? If you are a citizen of the United States who filed for a spouse who lives outside of the country how long will it take to get your spouse to the US? Will your employment status and an interstate move affect a pending I-130 application for your spouse who lives outside of the United States? Will a previous arrest affect your adjustment of status if the case was dismissed? Can you get married in the United States if you are an undocumented immigrant? What are the different ways in which an undocumented immigrant can be petitioned for? If you became a US citizen and had a 17 year old child in your custody who was a green card holder, is that child now a citizen of the United States? If you are a H2B visa holder and your spouse petitioned for you, can you still adjust your status while in the US? If you are a lawful permanent resident , what can you do to adjust the status of your child who is an undocumented immigrant? Is is faster to be filed for by a spouse or a sibling? Can a grandparent file for a grandchild? Can a sibling for for their sibling who is married with children? How long will it take to file for an adult child who is married with children? If you are a visitors visa holder who has a child while visiting the United States, how will that affect your visa? If your spouse was filed for by their adult child who is a green card holder, can your spouse file for you? How long will it take to get a receipt for a filed I-130? What priority date is the USCIS up to on sibling petitions? What is the status of the 1979-1987 green cards that have no expiration dates? Can ICE deport you if you have submitted a green card application and have a social security number? What can you do if a step-parent filed for you to come the United States but died before the process was completed? Can you file for a grandchild if their parent is incapacitated?

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