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The Brad Show January 23, 2018 LAWLINK EDITION

Immigration Law FAQ

New York City immigration attorney Brad Bernstein and CEO Annakie of WVIP 93.5 FM stream live from the Law Offices of Spar and Bernstein in NYC to answer your legal immigration questions like: If you are a green card holder, how long can you stay out of the United States and can you file for a spouse if you receive financial assistance from the government? Late, Spar and Bernstein Immigration attorney Rebecca Lenetsky joins us to discuss what DACA recipients can do for their case. Other immigration questions in this episode include? Should you get travel documents if you have not received your green card yet, and is it safe to travel with them? What documents would be required from someone who filed for a sibling to get visa through the visa lottery? What happens if you are a green card holder who is found guilty of an aggravated felony? If you are denied a green card through marriage and were supposed to get a second interview, what should you do if you haven't heard anything from the office of immigration? If you are on disability, can you file for a spouse who lives outside of the United States? Can you apply for a green card if your spouse dies before you file green card application? If you are a green card holder, ho w soon can you file for a spouse and child who live outside of the US? How long will it take a citizen of the united States to file for an adult child if they started the petition when they were a green card holder? If you filed for a child and grandchild before the grandchild turned 21 years old, will they still be able to get their green card through the case if they turn 21 years old before the application is approved? If you were denied a green card because your ex-spouse claimed your marriage was a business marriage, will you be able to get a green card through a second marriage? How scion after filing your I-130 should you get a receipt? Do you need an immigration lawyer to get a waiver? Can you travel if you have a social security number and have applied for advance parole?

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