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The Brad Show January 3, 2018 Immigration Edition

Immigration Law FAQ

Immigration Attorney Brad Bernstein and CEO David “Squeeze” Annakie of WVIP 93.5 stream live from the Law Offices of Spar & Bernstein in New York City to cover immigration news and answer legal questions on immigratio like: If you are a lawful permanent resident applying for United States citizenship, how long after submitting your fingerprints should you expect to hear from the USCIS? Other immigration questions covered in this episode are: Can you reapply for US citizenship if your previous application was denied because you did not disclose a past arrest? If you are citizen of the United States, can you file for a spouse and their child at the same time if they are living in different countries? Can you renew your green card if you were arrested on drug charges and left the US? What waiver do you need to become a lawful permnant resident of the US if you entered the United States without inspection? What should you do if you get conflicting status updates on your visa application? What can you do if you are in the process of adjusting your status and you and your spouse start having domestic problems? If you have an approved I-130 for a family member whose application will not be processed within the next 5 years, will it be affected by Donald Trumps initiatives to end family immigration? If you are out of status, will that affect the visa application for your child if your spouse who is a US citizen files for them? What can you do if all your documents that prove your status and birth were deposed of? Is it safe to travel with advance parole? Will traveling before your green card interview if you have received your work permit and advance parole affect your green card application? If you are out of status, can you travel within the United States by plane? If you recently visited the US on a visitors visa and want to return to the United States for another visit in less than a month, will you have a problem reentering the country? How long will it take to file for a child and grandchild if you recently became a US citizen but started the petition as a green card holder? Will your spouse be able to file for you if you both had the same last names prior to marriage? What is the difference between unlawful presence and being out of status and how does it relate to a student visa? Do you have to do another medical report if you completed one 3 years ago and are just now having your interview? How long after completing your biometrics should your work permit arrive? How long after receiving your work permit will your interview be scheduled? What should you do if you are trying to adjust your status through marriage and your spouse does not show up to your interview? If you are a green card holder how soon after getting a divorce can you get remarried? Can a spouse divorce you without your consent? Can you adjust the status of a child who came to the United States with you if did not include them when you adjusted your own status? Is overstaying on your visa a violation of your non-immigrant visa? What happens if you leave the US while adjusting your status without advance parole? Do you need a waiver if you overstayed on a visitors visa and are currently out of the United States? How do you request to have your immigration case transferred to your home country if you began your application in the US? Can someone come to the United States on a visitors visa if the they have a 10 year green card that recently expired? What should you do if your immigration status is being disputed by the office of immigration?

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