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The Brad Show January 4, 2018 IMMIGRATION EDITION

Immigration Law FAQ

Brad Bernstein, an immigration attorney in New York City and CEO David “Squeeze” Annakie of WVIP 93.5 stream live from the Law Offices of Spar & Bernstein in New York to cover immigration news and answer legal questions on immigration such as: If you overstayed on a visitors visa to the United States , do you have to go back to your home country to get a green card and can you get a waiver to return to the US if you were deported after jumping bail for a case against you that was u;ultimately dismissed? Other immigration questions covered in this episode are: If you have a 212C waiver, will it be safe for you travel outside of the United States? How do you open a business as an immigrant in the US? What happens if you get a divorce while you are a conditional green card holder? What will immigration be like in 5 years and what is the best advice for undocumented immigrants? How safe is it to travel with a green card? Can you get a waiver that will allow you to come the United States if you were charged with marijuana possession over 15 years ago? Can you continue your application for a green card if the family member who filed for you passed away? How can you get a green card if your spouse withdraws the I-130 and claims marriage fraud? Can you legally leave a country without a passport? Why is EAD card processing taking so long? Should you be concerned if your file is transferred while adjusting your status? If you are in the process of applying for a 10 year green card and have received a 1 year extension on your conditional green card, will you be able to travel to Canada?

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