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The Brad & Squeeze Show LAWLINK December 13, 2017

Immigration Law FAQ

Brad Bernstein, an immigration attorney in NYC and David “Squeeze” Annakie, CEO of LinkUp Media Group stream live from the Law Offices of Spar & Bernstein in New York to cover immigration news and answer legal questions on immigration such as: How long should it take to file for adult children who live outside of the US and if you are filing for your children who live outside of the United States, can you submit DNA results from an independent testing center? Spar and Bernstein immigration attorney Marina Brakefield joins to share her latest client success story and announce the opening of our new office in Connecticut at 1 Congress St, Hartford, CT 06114 on the 4th floor. Other immigration questions covered in this episode include: How long after your green card interview should you expect to hear something? Should you disclose if you and your spouse are living separately on your green card application? How can get you a green card to go to a university in the US? What should you do if your spouse incorrectly received their 10 year green card instead of a 2 year green card? If you are a citizen of the United States and want to marry a person who was previously deported twice, will they be able to to come to the US? Can you be deported for juvenile delinquency? How long does it take to receive a receipt for a filed I-130? Can a United States green card holder travel to Canada without a visa? What determines if you should use a I-164 or I-164-ED form? Can you file for parents and step-parents simultaneously? What is the process to obtain a work permit in the US? How long does it take to receive information after submitting a FOIA request? If you are a green card holder that has only been in the United States for 3 months, will you be able to work abroad while paying taxes in the US and file for your family to come to the United States? How do you prove that you are in a Bona Fide marriage?

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