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The Brad & Squeeze Show LAWLINK EDITION December 19, 2017

Immigration Law FAQ

Immigration Attorney Brad Bernstein and CEO David “Squeeze” Annakie of LinkUPMedia stream live from the Law Offices of Spar & Bernstein in NYC to cover immigration news and answer legal questions on immigration in this holiday edition of The Brad Show. Immigration lawyer Brad Bernstein answers questions like: How long does it take to be approved for a I-751 waiver and f your spouse wants to adjust your status but you haven't filed taxes for every year of your marriage, will that be an issue? And Spar and Bernstein criminal defense attorney David Moreno joins Brad & Squeeze to discuss the hefty consequences attached to credit card and identity fraud, and how to avoid the scams that are so common during the holiday season. Learn more about David Moreno and the rest of our criminal defense department at: Other immigration questions covered in this episode are: If you are a green card holder who wants to apply for United States citizenship, should you file an adjustment of status for your spouse now or wait until you get US citizenship? If you are a visa holder waiting on your green card, can you travel outside of the United States? If you file for a spouse, can you also file for your step-children? Can you return to the US after being deported? How long does it take to be approved for a I-75 waiver? What should you look for in a good immigration attorney? If you are a citizen of the United States whose fiance left the US before receiving their green card, what should you do? Can you file an I-130 for a spouse if you are 17 years old? If you are out of status with a pending criminal case should you travel by plane within the US? What visas are required for international flight attendants? If you are married to a green card holder and currently in the United States, can your spouse file for you? If you are a 2 year green card holder, how long can you stay outside of the US? How long after completing your biometrics should you expect to receive an appointment letter for your interview? If you were deported for overstaying on a visitor's visa how can you return to the United States if you are marrying a US citizen? If you are out of status and were arrested and are now in deportation, what should you do? What happens if you don't change your address on your driver's license and you are scheduled for a marriage interview? Can you adjust your status if you lied about your marital status on your visa petition to come to the United States?

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