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The Brad & Squeeze Show November 7, 2017 PM

Immigration Law FAQ

Brad Bernstein, an immigration lawyer in New York City and David “Squeeze” Annakie of LinkUp radio stream live from the Law Offices of Spar & Bernstein located in New York to cover immigration news and answer legal questions on immigration related to such questions as: What should you do if you are denied a green card due to your spouse's past criminal offenses and will you be eligible for a green card through marriage if you were denied a green card in the past due to a former spouses criminal history? Other immigration questions covered in this episode include: How can you sponsor yourself for a green card? Will you be eligible for a permanent green card if your spouse claims you defrauded them? How long does it take for a parent who has legally resided in the United States for 10 years file for a single adult child? Does receiving government assistance affect your eligibility to adjust your immigration status? Can you be deported if you a pending VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) case and your TPS will expire soon? Can you be deported if you have received a deportation order but have a pending VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) case? Can you use the I-854 form for a sponsorship that expired? If you are a parent trying to adjust the status of an adult child who has a 2006 priority date, can you grandfather them in? Does getting married in the United States versus getting married abroad affect your fiance's chances of getting a green card? How long will it take a permanent resident to file for their spouse? Is there an age limit on filing for a step-child? Will you traveling on a visitor's visa affect your ability to re-enter the United States? How long will it take to get your green card back after you apply to renew it? What forms should you file after getting married to begin the green card application process? Are you required to do an interview for a work permit? Can a recent green card receiver file for their parent? How long does approval take after filing an I-130? If you are married to a US citizen who will for your adjustment of status but also have a child living abroad, will your green card be delayed if your spouses files for you both at the same time?

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