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Immigration Law FAQ | The Brad Show – October 23, 2017 AM

Immigration Law FAQ

Brad Bernstein, an immigration lawyer in New York City and David “Squeeze” Annakie of Jamrock radio stream live from the Law Offices of Spar & Bernstein located in New York to answer legal questions on immigration related to such questions as: If you overstayed on a visitor's visa and are in a relationship with a green card holder will apply for US citizenship in the coming year, should you two get married and would you get a permit to work? Other questions covered in this episode include: If you are a pemanent resident who is a green card holder how long can you stay out of the country and when should you apply for a re-entry permit? How do you change your status and the status of a child who lives with you as well as a child who lives abroad if you are a visa holder who is a permanent resident of the United States and are married to a US citizen? Do you get your work permit 90 days after your biometrics or 90 days after your filing? If you've previously come to the United States with a H-2B visa why might your application for re-entry in the the US with a H-2B visa be denied? What is the difference between a naturalized citizen and a green card holder? How long should you wait to file your I-130 and I-485 after you've married a US citizen? Can a spouse who is a United States citizen file for their adult step-child who lives abroad and how long would that take? Should you state you were previously married on your green card paperwork if the marriage was annulled? Can you file for a spouse if you are currently on disability? If you have been convicted of a felony and/or misdemeanor will you be allowed to get a green card if you marry a US citizen? Can you submit your application for a green card and supporting documents separately or do you have to submit them at the same time? Can a green card holder who is a permanent resident of the United States file for a visa holder? If you were denied entry into the US at the airport because you attempted to enter the United States with fraudulent documents can your spouse file for if they are a legal US resident? If you have a 10 year green card when can you file for citizenship? What are your rights as an immigrant?