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The Brad Show: Tuesday, October 25, 2017 AM

Immigration Law FAQ

Brad Bernstein, an immigration lawyer in NYC and David “Squeeze” Annakie of LinkUp media stream live from the Law Offices of Spar & Bernstein located in New York to answer legal questions on immigration related to such questions as: Can a permanent resident who is a green card holder and has been charged with a felony become a United States Citizen and what is a R-1 visa and how do you get one? Other questions include: How do you schedule a consultation for US naturalization? Can you file a visa petition for a niece or nephew? When should you claim dependents on an I-846E? If you abroad and recently married a United States citizen who is currently filing a visa petition for you can you visit the US with a H-2B or visitor's visa? What happens if your spouse gets answers wrong during the marriage interview?