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Case On Hold At The U.S. Embassy | IMMIGRATION ADVICE | 4.13.20 Pop-UP

4-13-20 0:00 I applied for my 10-year green card in my maiden name, but my passport is in my married name. Can I travel on my passport? 0:34 Is USCIS still processing EAD renewals? 1:18 Is the Trump Admin. suspending H-1B visas for 2021? 2:06 A consular officer at the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan put my visa on administrative processing. When will they resume processing? 2:45 How can I get a green card if I'm undocumented? 3:47 When filing the N400 can I approximate dates for which I worked with my previous employers? 4:20 If I withdraw my asylum claim to file an AOS based on marriage, does that make me out-of-status? 4:48 USCIS sent me back my paperwork with a rejection notice. What can I do now? 5:46 Can I use my cousin as a joint sponsor? 6:46 Can you explain the Q on the I-485 "are you exempt from public charge?" 7:39 How long does it take to get an EAD if I came on a K-1 visa? 8:57 My spouse's application was denied, then reinstated. Should I continue the application with the reinstated I-130 petition? 9:21 Is USCIS rescheduling court hearings? 9:39 How do you calculate CSPA? 10:53 When filing the N400 do I need to know the exact dates for which I worker at other places? 11:49 Can I file the I-130 petition for my daughter in Jamaica as a conditional resident? 12:22 Will I be scheduled for another interview if I moved out of state and my files were transferred? 12:48 Can I file for my mom if she is 71-years-old? 13:06 How long does it take for a 601-a waiver to get approved? 13:52 Do I have to file an AOS? 14:14 Can I get a driver's license with an I-797c and without an SSN? 14:26 Can I file for citizenship if I owe the IRS back taxes? 14:34 When will I get my interview if my case is ready to be scheduled for an interview? 15:08 Can I expedite my I-765? 15:28 Can my mother-in-law be used as a joint sponsor? 15:47 I haven't received anything in the mail from USCIS. 16:01 Can I be denied for an I-485? What can I do if I am denied? 16:21 WHat does it mean if USCIS canceled my interview? 16:46 On my N400 interview should I tell the officer that my wife is out-of-status? 17:10 Can my spouse file for me if my spouse receives public benefits? 17:26 Is social security disability or workers comp. considered a public charge? 17:57 Does an arrest affect citizenship? 18:23 How do I file for my daughter overseas? 18:39 What is the next step if I came to the U.S. on a marriage-based GC? 18:55 How long does it take to get an interview at the embassy? 19:10 Can I remarry while my I-751 based on divorce is pending? 19:30 My husband filed for my daughter in 2015 before she turned 18-years-old. What is going on with the case? 19:59 When do I submit the affidavit of support? 20:08 Can I file applications during the pandemic? 20:15 I got a GC via cancellation of removal. How long will it take to file for my husband? 20:53 Do I get an extension on my RFEs because of the pandemic? 21:21 How long does it take USCIS to deposit a payment? 21:35 How can I adjust my status through marriage? 22:14 Will I get a stimulus check if I have a work permit? 22:35 Do I need a second affidavit of support? 23:29 Can I use my cousin as a joint sponsor if she is going to retire? 23:48 My PD is in 2015. I am in the F2b category from the Philippines. How much longer do I have to wait? 24:03 How many affidavits of support do I need? 24:13 Why was my application put on hold? 24:45 Only my son's application is being processed by NVC. Not my daughter's. What can I do? 25:11 What documents do I need to file an AOS based on VAWA? 25:46 What is the minimum income my joint sponsor needs to make? 25:56 How can I call Spar & Bernstein?  26:30 Will I get my I-130 & I-485 interview at the same time if I'm in the F2a category? 27:14 When will I get my work permit? 27:26 Can my wife travel to the U.S. with an I-130 petition pending? 27:42 Can I get the N400 fee waived? 28:03 When can my friend file for VAWA if she's out-of-status? 28:59 How do you know when USCIS cashes your check? 29:08 My i-485 was denied due to my affidavit of support.  Attorney Advertisement. Prior successful results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Call us for HELP NOW! *USA*: 1-800-529-5465 *INT:* 1-212-227-8933 VISIT Law Offices of Spar Bernstein 225 Broadway, 5th FL New York, New York 10007

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