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I’m Undocumented: Can I Travel Outside the Country & Back! (Immigration Advice)

0:00 If a U.S. green card holder stayed outside of the country for more than ten years, could he/she renew their green card? 0:06 My spouse has been deployed. I received an interview date, should I proceed with the interview? Also, I haven’t received my social security card or work permit. I only have a marriage certificate and a lease agreement, is that enough for the interview? 0:24 My parent is very sick in El Salvador. I am currently undocumented, but have a work permit and advance parole, but everyone is telling me not to travel. Is it safe for me to travel on my approved advance parole? 1:03- Our marriage-based immigration case has been moved to the NVC. What original forms/documents would the beneficiary need for his consulate interview in Lagos, Nigeria? 1:23 The current visa bulletin is showing that the I-130 in the F-2A category is up to August 3, 2019. My priority date is June 3, 2018, and I haven’t gotten an approval yet. What should I do? Do you think that as per the visa bulletin my filing date is already in line and ready to go? 2:02 My spouse and I went on our green card interview in October of 2018. The I-130 was approved, but the officer said he is going to submit the case to review because my step brother, who’s in the U.S. Navy, was in the U.S. before I received my student visa. On my student visa I claimed I didn’t have any relatives in the U.S. What could happen to the case? 3:27 In February, I filed the I-601 waiver. Two weeks ago, USCIS asked my lawyer to update the G-28 form. How will I know the status of my waiver? And, what are the chances that my waiver is approved and I will get my green card? 4:56 To what address do I send the I-90 form to? The name on my green card was misspelled. 5:29 How long is the waiting time for a 10-year green card? And, what’s the next step after ? 6:07 I was in a heterosecual marriage, but it did not work out. I later filed for VAWA, which was denied in 2018. Now, I’m in a bonafied same sex marriage. I filed my I-765, I-485, and I-130 in September and completed my biometrics at the end of October. USCIS told my congressman that the case is under extended review. What do I do to speed up the process? Can I file a Mandamus Act while they’re in the process of an extended review? 7:01 I’m in the process of filing financial documents, but I’m finding it beyond my expertise. How much would it cost to take me from here? 7:37 I filed an I-130 for my spouse, but it’s still pending. He is currently on F-1 status, however, he’s been in his home country of India for four months do to personal reasons. If his F-1 visa is still active, can he come back to the US on that same visa and resume his studies? 7:58 My friend is married to an American citizen, but the marriage only lasted a year before they divorced. When can she get married to another person? 8:08 I received a request for evidence. What does this mean? 9:25 My uncle filed for my parents and I in 2013. My priority date is 2013. I’m 18-years-old now, and I want to know how much longer the process is going to take. Attorney Advertisement. Prior successful results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Call us for HELP NOW! *USA*: 1-800-529-5465 *INT:* 1-212-227-8933 VISIT Law Offices of Spar Bernstein 225 Broadway, 5th FL New York, New York 10007 Book Immigration Consultation with Brad Bernstein for Legal Consultation NOW! Book an Immigration consultation with our immigration lawyer NOW! #NYCImmigrationServices #USAImmigration #CitizenshipAndNaturalization #GreenCard #DACA #WorkVisa #VAWA #BradShowLive #SparBernstein #BradSquad

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