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Re-Entered After Prior Order Of Deportation (Immigration Advice)

2-19-19 Callers 0:00 Am I eligible for a green card if I overstayed my visitor’s visa in 1980, but returned back to Canada? Do I need a waiver? 1:23 If my green card holder spouse passed away without filing for me, what can I do? 1:44 My spouse re-entered the U.S. without inspection after a prior order of deportation. The I-130 petition is approved. Is there a waiver available for him? 2:45 Can I apply for U.S. citizenship if I was arrested and charged with shoplifting in 2018? 3:26 Is it a problem that my petitioner has a criminal record? 3:54 Can I apply for U.S. citizenship with an expired green card? 4:29 If I live in Georgia, where should I file my U.S. citizenship? 5:20 What is a I-212 waiver? 6:30 Can my brother apply for U.S. citizenship if he received a green card? 7:30 Can my U.S. citizen spouse sponsor me for a green card if I overstayed my visitor’s visa? Would a 10-year age difference in marriage affect a case? 8:09 Can I marry my fiance in the U.S. on a visitor’s visa? 8:33 My grandparent’s green card expired and she has lived outside the U.S. for 30-years. Can she come back to the U.S.? 9:30 How do I file a joint tax return with my wife if I don’t have a work permit yet? 11:50 How do I file a VAWA petition? How much does that cost? 12:08 Can I sponsor my spouse for a green card if I don’t work or pay taxes? Attorney Advertisement. Prior successful results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Call us for HELP NOW! *USA*: 1-800-529-5465 *INT:* 1-212-227-8933 VISIT Law Offices of Spar Bernstein 225 Broadway, 5th FL New York, New York 10007 Book Immigration Consultation with Brad Bernstein for Legal Consultation NOW! Book an Immigration consultation with our immigration lawyer NOW! Brad Show Live is a digital infotainment talk and legal advice show broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube. It reaches hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide. Brad Show Live is hosted by Brad Bernstein, Managing Partner of the Law Offices of Spar & Bernstein who has provided invaluable legal immigration help to 70,000 plus clients over two decades. As the host of Brad Show Live, Brad takes a compassionate, straightforward and humorous approach on immigration, civil rights, family unity, humanity, news, politics, and social justice. Airing two hours a day, Monday – Friday, 5:30-7:30 p.m. EST, Brad answers viewers’ legal and immigration questions through live calls and social media interaction, along with commentary, thought provoking and revealing interviews, eye-opening field segments, and hilarious interactive games and laughs with our loyal viewers – The Brad Squad. Join the Brad Squad SOCIAL MEDIA Visit BradShowLive Facebook Follow Brad Show Live Instagram Follow Brad Show Live Twitter Follow Spar Bernstein Facebook Follow Spar Bernstein on Twitter Follow Spar Bernstein Instagram #NYCImmigrationServices #USAImmigration #CitizenshipAndNaturalization #GreenCard #DACA #WorkVisa #VAWA #BradShowLive #SparBernstein #BradSquad

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