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Should I Meet My Immigration Officer At The Dunkin’ Donuts? (Immigration Advice) | Pandemic Pop-Up

4-14-20 Immigration Questions 0:00 Do I need a co-sponsor? 0:36 My daughter's visa interview has been rescheduled past her 18th birthday due to the coronavirus. Will the gov. qualify her for the Child Citizenship Act?  0:53 I did a second STOKES interview but then moved states and USCIS jurisdiction. Will I get another interview? 1:19 My wife filed the I-130 petition for me in June 2019. When will it get approved? 1:54 Do I need a lawyer to file my AOS if I'm Nigerian? 2:53 If I'm a green card holder and have stayed outside the U.S. for a year, will I have a problem returning? 3:23 How do you get an I-130 petition approved? 3:49 Is there a sample online on how to fill out the I-944, declaration of self-sufficiency form? 4:03 How can I adopt a child from Algeria? 5:04 Am I out-of-status if my VAWA application is pending? 5:57 Can I apply for unemployment if I have not received my EAD yet? 6:31 An Immigration Officer called me to meet me at the Dunkin Donuts? Is that normal? 6:56 What are my chances of getting a green card? 7:14 Should I include my daughter, who is in Jamaica, on my I-944 form? 7:38 During the STOKES interview, my spouse and I answered three questions incorrectly. Now the case is before the Supervisor. What is going on? 8:35 Can you file the I-751 based on a combination of different waivers? 8:52 Do I need to send the I-944 with the I-130 petition? 9:07 If there are no flights to the Caribbean due to the coronavirus, how do I extend my stay in the U.S.? 9:58 Can my USC husband file for my daughter and I at the same time? 10:30 Do I need a cosponsor? 10:56 Is collecting unemployment considered a public charge? 11:10 Is it faster to apply for your spouse via a K-3 visa or I-130 petition? 11:27 Would owing back taxes to the IRS affect my green card? 11:51 Why did USCIS say they need to review my case after the interview took place? 12:13 If my USC wife collects unemployment would that affect her filing? 12:27 Would coronavirus affect my case? 12:45 How much money do you have to make per year to have a strong affidavit of support for a family of six? 13:10 My USC wife filed for my children but passed away. Can I continue to the case? 13:53 Can I file the I-90 online? 14:07 Why did USCIS transfer my case to another office? 14:25 Whose address should be listed on the DS260 address of intent? 14:36 Can I petition my sister as a caregiver? 14:56 I have not heard anything from the embassy in Nigeria for 8-months after I sent more documents proving a child-parent relationship. What can I do? 15:17 Would collecting unemployment affect my marriage-based interview? 15:33 Is USCIS still accepting applications even during the pandemic? 16:00 How can I submit an inquiry? 16:14 When will I receive my notice of action and work permit renewal? 16:39 Can you get a green card without doing an interview? 16:48 Is it possible to request a change in the embassy that reviews your case? 17:04 How much money husband should my USC husband make to sponsor my daughter and I? 17:45 What does it mean to receive a prima facie? 18:04 My wife is abusing me. What can I do? 18:18 Can my wife file for me if my B1, B2 visa is about to expire? 18:34 Can my mom extend her immigrant visa if it expired during the pandemic? 18:46 Is the F2a category current? 18:52 What is the filing fee for the I-485? Attorney Advertisement. Prior successful results do not guarantee a similar outcome. #NYCImmigrationServices #USAImmigration #CitizenshipAndNaturalization #GreenCard #DACA #WorkVisa #VAWA #BradShowLive #SparBernstein #BradSquad

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