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Social Media Rapid Fire January 26, 2018 IMMIGRATION EDITION

Belgium Kim, our resident Social Media Queen asks NYC immigration attorneys your legal immigration questions live from the Law Offices of Spar and Bernstein in New York City. For more of these funny moments, catch the Brad & Squeeze Show live at 5:30 PM. 6:00 - What should you say if you are asked about your immigration status while you are out of status and married to a US citizen? 6:19 - Is advance parole only for people who have never been out of status? 7:23 - If you spend 5 to 6 months a year out of the US, will you have a problem renewing your green card? 8:16 - Will you be able to get a green card after you get married if you came to the United States on a Seasonal Worker (H2B) visa and were previously denied a green card and are a child of a US citizen? 11:31 - What can you do if your partner is being detained by ICE? 13:29 - If you get a provisional waiver, will that guarantee that you will be able to re-enter the US? 14:16 - What happens if your spouse calls the department of immigration to tell then to stop you at the airport for abandoning them? 15:15 - Can you file for an out of status spouse who does not have an I-94, if you are a US citizen? 15:26 - If you were denied a green card during a previous marriage, will you be able to get a green card through your second marriage? 16:02 - Can your spouse file for you if you are not living together due to an employment opportunity? 17:20 - Can an adult child for their parent after February 8th, 2018? 18:20 - If you filed for a sibling 10 years ago, how much longer will it take for them to come to the United States? 19:55 - If you did your medical exam in a different state than where you filed your adjustment of status, will that be an issue? 20:29 - How long does it take to get a marriage interview? 22:09 - What are the requirements to invite someone to the US? - 2:253 - How long will it take a green card holder to petition for a spouse? 23:13 - What can you do if you came to the United States years ago and lost all forms of your identification? 23:40 - If you started an adjustment of status, will moving to another state slow down your processing time? 23:57 - Are a provisional waiver and advance parole the same thing? 24:21 - How long does a provisional waiver take to process? 24:49 - Can you file an I-130 if you are out of status? 25:00 - How long should it take to get a response after filing an I-130? 25:17 - What can you do if you have custody of your grandchild who is out of status? 25:48 - What should you do if you and your spouse separate while you are in the process of removing the conditions of your green card? 26:17 - How long should it take to get an interview after getting your work permit? 26:33 - What should you do if your parent filed for you and your child and your child will turn 21 years old soon? 28:47 - If you are a green card who file for a child who turned 21 years old while waiting to be approved, will the process now take longer? 29:04 - Should you be concerned if you are in the process of adjusting your status and were asked for additional documentation, and you will soon be out of status? 29:24 - What should you do if your application to remove the conditions of your green card was denied? 29:43 - If you previously entered the US with a false name will you be able to re-apply for a visa? 30:26 - Will you be able to get a green card if you previously overstayed on a B1/B2 visa and returned home then a parent filed an I-130 for you? 30:52 - Do you need to file jointly with your spouse and submit this years tax returns if you are in the process of adjusting your status and have a W2 for this year? 31:14 - How long after marrying a citizen of the United States will it take to get a green card?? 32:29 - How long will it take to get a work permit if USCIS sent you a work permit for someone else? 33:21 - What priority date is the USCIS up to for a F4 application filed by a sibling? 33:36 - Can you get a visa to see your child graduate from college? 33:59 - Will you have an issue if your green card will expire soon, and you are in the process of applying for US citizenship? 34:35 - Can a green card holder file for a nephew? 35:25 - Can you get a visitors visa to the US if you were convicted of having a sexual relationship with a minor in your home country? 35:59 - Can a legal guardian file for a child? 36:47 - How long will it take a grandparent to file for a grandchild? ***SUBSCRIBE/Follow Us*** Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Everyone has a right to the American Dream, and we want to help you reach yours! Law Offices of Spar & Bernstein Call 1-800-529-5465 Today! 225 Broadway, 5th FL New York, New York 10007 Attorney Advertisement. Prior Successful results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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