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Social Media Rapid Fire: Lawlink Edition – December 5, 2017

In this round of Social Media Rapid Fire, Social Media Guru Kim reads off all the immigration questions you've left in the comments to immigration lawyer Brad Bernstein. 1:03 - How to file visa petitions for your adult children? 4:19 - If you are married to an unemployed American citizen, can you they file a green card petition for you? 4:35 - How long after receiving your green card can you file for your kids? 5:03 - If you are under 21 years old and the child of a United states citizen, how long will it take for them to file for you? 6:07 - If you are a US citizen can you file for an undocumented immigrant? 6:42 - How long will it take to file for your spouse if you are a green card holder? 6:58 - Can you apply for a green card if you are separated from your spouse? Read frequently asked immigration questions at:

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