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Solving Your Problems January 16, 2018 LAWLINK EDITION

New York City immigration lawyer Brad Bernstein answers your legal immigration questions live from the Law Offices of Spar and Bernstein in NYC. 0:26 - What can you do if an airline loses your reservations and you get stranded in another country for over a week? 3:18 - Will you be able to re-enter the United States if you travel on advance parole? 3:47 - How long should you stay out of the US when on advance parole? 4:10 - How long does your spouse have to wait for an interview at the embassy in their home country after their I-130 application is reaffirmed? 5:53 - If you are a lawful permanent resident, how can your spouse get their work permit? 7:02 - Is it normal to have a long processing time when applying for US citizenship? 7:52 - What should you do if you are scheduled for a marriage interview and are in the process of adjusting your status when your spouse becomes abusive and you file an I-360? And will you need to start a new green card application? 11:57 - What is the next step after completing biometrics, if you are asked for an I-245i? 13:13 - Should you get a divorce if your spouse who is a citizen of the United States is unfaithful and you want to adjust your status and file for your children? 17:08 - When can you file for US citizenship if you are a green card holder who has an arrest record? 17:55 - Can you return to the United States if you missed your scope interview if you filed for a green card after overstaying on a visa and returned to your home country on advance parole? 20:47 - When does a child automatically became a citizen of the United States through a parent? 22:13 - If you gave birth while visiting on the visa will you be barred from re-entering the US? 23:39 - What should you do if you have a deportation order and have children in the US? 24:39 - What is the fastest way to get a green card if your parents are lawful permanent residents and your siblings are citizens of the United States,i f you are a DACA recipient? 26:56 - What should you do if your adjustment of status case has been pending for 2 years? 27:43 - How can you adjust your status if you lost your I-194 and passport and you are married to a US citizen? Everyone has a right to the American Dream, and we want to help you reach yours! Law Offices of Spar & Bernstein Call 1-800-529-5465 Today! 225 Broadway, 5th FL New York, New York 10007 ***SUBSCRIBE/Follow Us*** Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Attorney Advertisement. Prior Successful results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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