Solving Your Problems LAWLINK EDITION December 7, 2017


Immigration lawyer Brad Bernstein and CEO David “Squeeze” Annakie of 93.5 WVIP take calls live from the Law Offices of Spar & Bernstein in New York City to help viewers with their immigration questions. 0:20 - What should you do if you are a United States citizen who wants to marry someone who currently lives in one of the countries affected by the travel ban? 4:46 - What happens if you are a B1/B2 visa holder and get married in less than 90 days after coming to the United States? 6:19 - If you are United States citizen who filed petitions for adult children outside of the US when you were still a green card holder, will adjusting your status affect those petitions? 7:40 - What happens if the police are called on someone during a domestic dispute and they are currently out of status? 13:03 - What can you do if your spouse leaves you after you submit your paperwork for a green card? 14:41 - If you are a conditional green card and have applied to remove the conditions of your green card, can you also apply for US citizenship? ***SUBSCRIBE/Follow Us*** Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Everyone has a right to the American Dream, and we want to help you reach yours! Law Offices of Spar & Bernstein Call 1-800-529-5465 Today! 225 Broadway, 5th FL New York, New York 10007 Attorney Advertisement. Prior Successful results do not guarantee a similar outcome.