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Trump Suspends Immigration | Immigration Advice | Pandemic Pop-up | LIVE: 4-21-20

0:14 When will USCIS office reopen for interviews? 0:37 When will I get my stimulus check? 1:06 When can I file to remove the conditions of my green card? 1:47 What can my dad do if he is currently in the U.S., he can't return home, and his visitor's visa is about to expire? 2:58 My I-130 petition is approved, the I-485 is pending. What is my priority date? How long will it take USCIS to process my EAD? 3:25 Is someone with a social security number and EAD entitled to a stimulus check? 3:49 In regards to the green card interview, is it better to have life insurance or health insurance? 4:15 How can people obtain money from the $130 million global grant gifted by billionaire George Soros? 4:36 My VAWA has been pending 25-months. If I got a divorce in the midst of the pending process, would that be an issue? 4:51 I am U.S. citizen who filed for my 8-year-old son. What are the next steps after the I-130 petition is approved? 5:11 Can I get re-married while my VAWA case is pending? 5:39 What does Trump's executive order halting immigration mean for current applications that are pending? 5:48 My husband lost the traveling document he entered the U.S. with. What can he do? 6:25 My work permit is going to expire when should I renew it? 6:49 If I petition for my mother, does she need to have health insurance? 6:54 My mom is a green card holder currently in Jamaica. What should she do if the airport doesn't reopen anytime soon? 7:16 Will I be able to get a fee waiver for my 10-year green card renewal due to loss of work? 7:26 My passport and I-94 show different dates of U.S. entry. Which date should I use? 7:47 What does Trump's tweet on halting immigration mean for people currently adjusting their status in the U.S.? 8:11 How do I adopt an orphan from another country? 9:06 Can I drive with an international driver's license? 9:29 What mailing address should I give to USCIS? 9:45 Does Trump's halt on immigration affect those who are currently waiting for appointments at U.S. Embassies abroad? 10:24 Can Spar & Bernstein, P.C. help with a delayed immigration case? 10:53 The status of my case says it is ready to be scheduled for an interview, but I have not received my work permit as of yet. Will USCIS send me my work permit? 11:11 What does it mean if the I-130 petition is approved immediately after the green card interview but the I-485 remains pending? 11:49 Should my husband file his I-751 removal of conditions even with the USCIS office closures? 12:22 When will it be safe to travel again? 12:44 What will happen to pending cases if Trump's immigration halt takes effect? 13:01 Should I file the N400 before filing for my children in Jamaica? 13:17 How can I adjust my status based on marriage while in the midst of removal proceedings? 14:05 Can my U.S. citizen dad petition for me if I'm currently in the U.S. visiting? 14:51 When can I file the I-485 if I'm filing based on abuse by a green card holder? 15:14 I am stuck in the U.S. on a visitor's visa. What should I do? 15:29 Will the Nigerian Travel Ban affect my I-130 petition for my husband? 16:04 Can you get a green card if you have been living in the U.S. undocumented for 10-years and have a child born in the U.S.? 16:49 How long does it take the I-130 petition to get approved? 17:15 Based on Trump's tweet, will family members not be able to get a green card in the U.S.? 17:37 I still have not heard a decision on my case after I had my green card interview in April of 2019. What is going on? 17:59 Should I send USCIS my divorce decree? Or, should I wait until they ask for it? 18:20 If someone has two EADs based on a VAWA and an I-485, does that person need to also renew the c31 EAD? 18:48 My appointment is pending. Now what? 18:59 My visitor's visa is about to expire. Should I file for an extension now? 19:06 If you have marijuana in your system during the biometrics appointment would you get denied? 19:33 Can I schedule a consultation with Brad Bernstein? 20:09 My green card case has been pending 10-months. Can I file a Mandamus? 20:32 How old does a child have to be in order to derive citizenship from a parent? 21:09 How long will it take for my husband to come to America? 21:21 My VAWA case has been pending since 2018. Every time I call USCIS I receive no more information about my case. What is going on? 22:03 My wife filed for my son, and if my son just had a baby, can he bring the baby to the U.S. with him? 22:33 Can a spouse withdraw an I-130 petition? 22:59 Can I extend my visitor's visa due to coronavirus? 23:25 Can my husband file for my daughter, his step-daughter if the marriage occurred before my child's 18th birthday? 23:58 Can my son file for me if he has a green card? 24:17 Will K-1 visa holders be affected by Trump's ban? 24:24 A spouse, who won the DV lottery, is having trouble filing for her married partner. Why? Attorney Advertisement. Prior successful results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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