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USCIS Sent My I-485 Interview Appointment To The Wrong Address (Immigration Advice)

10-2-19 Social Media Check-In 0:00 USCIS sent my interview invitation to the wrong mailing address even though I already updated my new mailing address with them? 0:25 My spouse filed an I-130 petition for me when he was permanent resident. Now, he is a U.S. citizen. How do I upgrade the case? 0:54 My permanent resident parent sent an I-130 petition for me in 2015. If I get married after the petition is approved, how will that affect the case? 1:21 If I were to purchase Obamacare, would that affect my removal of conditions application? 1:34 My father came to the U.S. on a visitor's visa about four months ago. Should I adjust his status while he is in the U.S? 1:47 Is it possible to obtain a copy of a 1988 green card application from USCIS via a FOIA? 2:07 How long after I receive my green card can I apply for citizenship? 2:21 After I become a U.S. citizen, can I sponsor my parent for a green card? 2:30 The embassy in Gambia, West Africa received all documents pertaining to my CR-1 case, but the interview has not been scheduled as of yet. Why is it taking so long? 2:28 Why have I not received my work permit if I completed my biometrics in February? 3:06 Do I need to bring the birth certificate of my child, who lives abroad, to my marriage-based adjustment interview? 3:18 If USCIS receives my affidavit of support requirements before Oct. 15, would that evade the new public charge rule? 3:30 Do I need to file an affidavit of support for my child, who will automatically derive U.S. citizenship upon entering the U.S. as a permanent resident? 3:48 Can I apply for an immigrant visa directly with the consular officer? Or, do I have to go through NVC processing? 4:02 Once my child enters the U.S. with a green card and derives citizenship through me, the parent, can I immediately apply for my child’s U.S. passport? Do I also need to file the N600 for my child? 4:22 Can I sponsor my parents for a green card after their 10-year bar was lifted? 4:37 Can a day care school sponsor me for a green card? 5:01 What forms does a green card holder file to bring his/her children to the U.S.? 5:10 Would owing the IRS back taxes affect my interview? 5:26 Would an embassy process an application from start to finish even if the applicant was inadmissible? 5:58 Should I claim my children as dependents on my tax returns? 6:12 Can my sibling change her mailing address with NVC if she fled Iraq? 6:38 If I marry my fiancé in Ghana, can he travel to the U.S. with me before I file his paperwork? 6:46 How long will it take before the H-4 visa is approved if my biometrics occurred in August? 6:58 Will I have to pay a fee to renew my EAD? 7:05 I applied for asylum 2-years-ago, but I still don’t have my work permit. Is my case going well? 7:19 Should I be worried if I never notified USCIS of my divorce? 8:00 As a permanent resident parent, can I adjust the status of my children if they are currently in the U.S. and under 18-years-old? 8:10 What should I do if my adjustment of status interview based on marriage coincides with my spouse’s child delivery date? Attorney Advertisement. Prior successful results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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