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With Trump’s Immigration Suspension When Will I Hear From NVC? | Immigration Advice

0:14 What government assistance am I eligible for with a prima facie determination? 0:38 Can I apply for unemployment if my VAWA case is pending? 0:52 Do I have to fill out the DS5540 form if I submitted my paperwork to the NVC prior to February 24, 2020? 1:52 Can I take over my brother's case if his original petitioner passed away? 2:30  Can I apply for U.S. citizenship if I got my 10-year green card based on a divorce waiver? 3:07 Are removal hearings still being held? 3:19 Will I get an interview before my biometrics appointment? 3:53 Is low-income health insurance considered a public charge? 4:59 Is there a travel tax when using advance parole? 5:23 What are the differences between the I-601, I-601a, and I-212 waiver? 7:25 My USC mom petitioned for me in March of 2013. When will I hear back from NVC in light of Trump's immigration suspension? 9:20 Can my spouse petition my children and me during Trump's order to suspend immigration? 9:54 Can I submit copies and transcripts rather than originals to my I-944 application? 10:25 Can I file for an N400 fee waiver? 10:36 My I-751 application has been pending 3-years. Is that normal? 11:05 How will Trump's ban on immigration affect my case at the NVC? 11:36 Will most small businesses in the U.S. obtain the stimulus package? 12:56 I am a VAWA applicant who filed the adjustment concurrently in Nov. 2018. Why do I still not have a work permit? 13:51 Can you talk about Trump being sued for denying stimulus checks to U.S. citizens married to persons with an ITIN? 15:01 What can I do if I've been waiting on a decision on my asylum case for 3-years? 16:12 What should I do if my conditional residence card is about the expire? 16:53 My aunt's petition was approved. When will she get her work permit? 17:33 My mother in Jamaica does not have access to legal documents, should I bring them to her at the time of her interview? 17:57 Does USCIS have to approve my VAWA claim before I get the work permit? 18:38 How long would it take my mother, an LPR, to sponsor her unmarried, adult son? 19:15 My parents filed an I-130 petition for me. The case is now at the NVC. When should I tell the NVC that I'm married? 19:58 How long does it take a VAWA case to get approved? 20:25 Can I substitute out a sponsor with a new sponsor? 20:47 I applied for the removal of conditions in March of 2020. When will I get my 10-year card? 21:00 One year has passed since I filed, and I still haven't received an appointment for a green card interview. Why? 21:27 How long does it take USCIS to respond to an RFE? 21:37 Will I have another biometrics appointment during the I-751 process? 21:46 Will my C31 work permit category change to a C9? 21:59 Can a mother file for her daughter, who lives in the U.S.? 22:07 How long after the biometrics appointment is completed do you get your work permit? 22:21 When should I file a Mandamus? Attorney Advertisement. Prior successful results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Call us for HELP NOW! *USA*: 1-800-529-5465 *INT:* 1-212-227-8933 VISIT Law Offices of Spar Bernstein 225 Broadway, 5th FL New York, New York 10007 Book Immigration Consultation with Brad Bernstein for Legal Consultation NOW! Book an Immigration consultation with our immigration lawyer NOW!

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