Goodness Prevails in Times of Unpredictability

Shaheen’s full interview on Brad Show Live

Immigration Story of The Kind Woman

NEW YORK A distressed mother of three children sat on the steps of the apartment they were evicted from. Penniless, the mother contemplated her family’s next move.

Having recently immigrated from Pakistan, the family had slim connections – which made going to a homeless shelter a better alternative to living on the streets.

During that moment of utter destitution, a complete stranger in passing opened their apartment to the family.

The former child of the Pakistani family, Shaheen Pasha, who has since grown, recalled her early childhood memories of living in that apartment on Brad Show Live. Sharing details of how her family stayed with the stranger, Shaheen said her mother was finally able to collect enough money to move the family out.

Although eternally thankful for the stranger, as time passed, the stranger, who happened to be an older woman, was never to be seen or thought of again.

Immigrant Family From a Life of Poverty

Yet, it was not until years later when the memories of the older woman’s apartment resurfaced. In light of the animosity towards immigrants with the rise of Donald Trump as president, Shaheen decided to investigate the mystery behind the older woman who helped an immigrant family from a life of poverty.

Uncovering documents that identified the family’s savior as being named Dorothy, Shaheen continued to investigate the matter further.

Through Dorothy’s extended relatives, Shaheen learned the kind woman had an immigration story of her own; she was a first-generation American whose parents left Germany to settle in the coal mining town of Portage, Pa.

Traveling to Portage to find out more, Shaheen was wary. With a growing sentiment of Islamophobia, Shaheen’s expectations were shattered when she was wholeheartedly embraced by the community. Now sharing this story to heroize the beauty of human nature, Shaheen prides her childhood memories to show that goodness prevails in times of unpredictability.  

To hear Shaheen’s full interview on Brad Show Live, watch the full interview below.

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