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At Spar & Bernstein, we are dedicated to fighting for the best possible outcome for every immigration case we retain.
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Our citizenship and naturalization lawyers at Spar & Bernstein have helped over 100,000 people obtain immigration benefits in the United States. Our knowledgeable and compassionate team will prepare the necessary forms and review supporting documents for submission to USCIS to remove obstacles that may stand in your way of becoming a US citizen.
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Read success stories from the many immigration cases we’ve taken on.
Jacqueline & Dave
Jacqueline & Dave

Our team helped Jacqueline obtain a green card for her mother.

Spar & Bernstein client
Spar & Bernstein client

After struggling and out of status since 1982, we helped our client get his green card.


With no legal status for more than 30 years, we helped Shain become a permanent resident.


After living out of status for 20 years, we helped Andrew obtain lawful permanent residence in the U.S.


We helped Ramon through the green card process to bring his Philippine family to the U.S. so they could be reunited.


After Clement arrived from Nigeria in the 90s, we helped him legalize his status and become a lawful permanent resident.


After Idris escaped from violence in his home country of Sierre Leone, we helped him gain U.S. citizenship.


We helped Alette’s husband become a naturalized United States citizen and helped her obtain her green card.

Google Reviews

Larry Martin
3 months ago
I cannot say enough good things about this law firm. Brad Bernstein and his staff have been more than wonderful in their handling of our AOS case. My case was particularly difficult. We were denied twice before coming to Spar and Bernstein. Shannon (One of the partners at the firm) gave me the best advise after representing us via phone conference at our interview . She said "live your life like you're meant to be here". She's amazing. The entire staff is amazing. I would highly highly recommend this firm and these persons to anyone applying for an immigration benefit. Do Not try to do these processes without a qualified and experienced attorney and you'll find both at Spar and Bernstein. To Brad, Shannon and the rest of the staff. Keep up the great work. Five Stars. God bless
Jennifer Davis
a month ago
The absolute best legal team! Brad Bernstein gave me the best consultation and his recommendations were great. A special shout-out to my Lawyer Shannon Laguerre and my Paralegal Myra Lopez! You guys are top tier! I’m so elated that I decided to choose Spar and Bernstein! I would highly recommend the firm to family and friends. Always choose quality first!
Fabian Smith
a month ago
I would highly recommend Brad immigration law firm to anyone I have sent friends and family member over to his office. They were 150% satisfied with his help and the services there money was well spent they all received their green card in a short space of time. my girlfriend is currently with them now working on her citizenship. That’s how satisfied she was after receiving her green card and now she’s doing her citizenship.🙏🙏🙏🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Frank C. Osborne
2 weeks ago
With a group of prepared lawyers, Fight and Bernstein offers an abundance of legitimate information across different practice regions, guaranteeing clients get exhaustive portrayal customized to their requirements. Fight and Bernstein does an amazing job to guarantee client fulfillment, endeavoring to surpass assumptions and convey results that address or surpass their issues. Generally speaking, the Law Workplaces of Fight and Bernstein, P.C. is inseparable from impressive skill, aptitude, and devotion, going with them a brilliant decision for anybody needing lawful help with New York City.
Melissa G
a month ago
I highly recommend Spar & Bernstein law firm, The best of the best legal team and the Attorneys are fantastic to work with,the secretaries are excellent as well very professional. I just want to express my gratitude to both attorneys I have work with Emily Walsh & my paralegal Modesta Penaloza for all you both have done for me in those 4months because you guys made it possible!! It was a privilege to have these two individuals in my corner🙌🙏💯

Immigration Law FAQ

To apply for US citizenship, you must establish good moral character prior to your naturalization application.

USCIS may look at conduct beyond the one-, three- or five-year period to determine whether you have demonstrated reformed behavior from an earlier period.

If you were ever convicted of murder or if you were convicted of an aggravated felony after November 29, 1990, you are permanently barred from naturalization. Contact the knowledgeable immigration attorneys at Spar Bernstein who understand how criminal convictions may affect your naturalization.

Most naturalization applicants must be permanent residents for five years before being eligible to naturalize.

Spouses of US citizens and people who obtained green cards as abused spouses under VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) are eligible to naturalize after having their green cards for three years.

If you honorably served in the US armed forces for one year, you may be eligible to apply for naturalization.

You can file your naturalization application 90 days prior to reaching the required time frame. For example, if you are applying under the five-year rule, you may submit your N-400 application after being a permanent resident for four years and nine months and 3 days.