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Success Stories


Barbara tried getting her green card through other law firms multiple times, and each time they failed! Now, thanks to Spar & Bernstein attorney Rebecca Lenetsky, she will travel back Jamaica for Christmas for the first time in years. She'll have a green card in hand and no fear of what will happen when she re-enters the US!

Dian and Nigel

Dian hasn’t seen her father since she was 2 years old. She has brothers and sisters she’s never met. Her husband Nigel hasn’t been back to Jamaica since he was 13 years old. But now, thanks to Spar & Bernstein, they’ve got their green card! And they’re going to celebrate by taking a much needed vacation and renewing their vows! Congrats, Dian and Nigel.

Pictured here (from left to right): Nigel, Spar & Bernstein president Brad Bernstein, paralegal Myola Cameau-Roche and Dian.


Jason, a Jamaican national, came to Spar & Bernstein looking to become a naturalized citizen. He started his case on his own, but was struggling with it for months. He felt overwhelmed by the process as he attempted to fulfill the order for all of the documents requested by the government. He hired Spar & Bernstein, who was able to navigate through the sea of paperwork on his behalf. Within just two weeks of hiring Spar & Bernstein, Jason found himself at a ceremony being sworn in as a naturalized citizen of the United States. Congratulations Jason!

(Pictured from left to right: Jason, client; Brad Bernstein, president)


Christopher is beaming from ear to ear because after 30 years of trying, he’s finally got his green card. In the last 25 years, Christopher got married, had a baby, and watched that baby girl grow up with the sole dream of becoming a doctor. But with an order of deportation against him, he wasn’t sure if he would ever be able to make it come true. With the help of Emily Walsh and the whole Spar and Bernstein team, Christopher is now a legal resident who will watch his daughter complete medical school. Another happy ending at Spar and Bernstein, where we represent people, not clients.

Pictured (from left): Attorney Emily Walsh, Christopher, and Managing Partner Brad Bernstein


The enthusiastic Spar & Bernstein client at the center of this photo is Wilston Worrie, a native of Jamaica who originally came to the United States on a crewmen’s visa. The nature of this visa does not allow anyone to adjust their status if they desire to stay in America past the duration of their visa. When Wilston's visa expired, he was placed under an order of removal and came to the law offices of Spar & Bernstein in search of options because he desperately wanted to remain with his wife in the United States. Once Wilston retained the services of one of our attorneys, Rebecca Lenetsky, and her paralegal, Mercedes Valerio, his circumstances drastically changed before his very eyes.

Wilston's legal team from Spar & Bernstein successfully challenged the government’s order of removal and proved that his wife would experience hardship if he was removed from the country. Rebecca and Mercedes worked with Wilston's wife, a green card holder, to have her file on his behalf. He soon found himself on a plane to Jamaica, but instead of being permanently removed from the United States, he was on his way to the consulate to obtain a new visa. After receiving the visa, he legally returned to the United States and came to our office to share his joy and a thumbs-up!

(Pictured from left to right: Rebecca Lenetsky, managing attorney; Mercedes Valerio, paralegal; Wilston Worrie, client; and Brad Bernstein, president.)


This radiant woman is named Alette Hill. Her husband came to Spar & Bernstein with the dream of becoming a naturalized citizen of the United States. After his legal team at Spar & Bernstein successfully accomplished this goal, Alette retained our services in hopes of getting a green card.

When Mr. Hill originally brought his wife to our office he was nervous. He felt that there would be stringent guidelines and red tape to prevent him from sponsoring her for a green card, and the mountain of paperwork looming over the application process seemed daunting. Fortunately, the complicated process of filing for his wife became much simpler after Rebecca Lenetsky guided him through the naturalization process, and took over the process of filing for his wife’s green card. This story ends with Alette's heartwarming smile after successfully obtaining her green card through her husband and Spar and Bernstein!


Mr. Edwards

Our very satisfied client Mr. Edwards hails from Jamaica, and has been a green card holder for many years but was recently placed in Deportation for a "run-in" with the law some time back. After retaining our services, Nicole Hemrick took the matter to court. There, Nicole successfully proved that Mr. Edwards was rehabilitated and remorseful in regard to his prior convictions. Furthermore, our staff was able to substantiate that Mr. Edwards had established significant ties to the United States. If he was deported, our client would have been separated from his wife, children, and grandchildren. The immigration judge granted his application for Cancellation of Removal and Mr. Edwards was allowed to keep his green card and live with his family in America.

Another happy client and success story.


Elton came to the United States from Jamaica in 1983. He got his green card. Started a family. Lived the "American Dream". But he made one mistake : he was arrested and convicted in 1993 of a New York drug conviction. Unfortunately, 24 years later ICE decided to put him in deportation for a crime that happened more than two decades ago despite him living an exemplary and law abiding life since his arrest. When Elton came to the Law Offices of Spar and Bernstein, he was going to lose his family, his friends, and his future retirement in America. He was already punished for his crime and now 24 years later the government was looking to punish him a second time. Elton's good life was now looking bleak. But we put a plan together to re-open his 1993 criminal proceedings and after extensive motion practice, we were finally able to convince the district attorney’s office to dismiss his misdemeanor drug conviction and replace it with a disorderly conduct violation which is neither a criminal offense or a deportable crime. Now Elton is free to live in America. Although we don't condone drug activity, we are happy that Elton gets a second chance in America to be with his family, live in peace and put his 24-year nightmare behind him. He says he now wants to become a United States Citizen. Pictured with Elton is Brad Bernstein and Paul Hirsch who represented Elton in his re-opened criminal proceedings.


After struggling in the United States for over 25 years and after being scammed by a prior attorney to file an application and immigration benefits she was not eligible to obtain, Sandra came to our office for another chance to become legal. After reviewing her options, we were able to file an adjustment application. We were proud to advise her that in May 2017 the Immigration Service approved her application and mailed a green card to Sandra.


When Ramon came to Spar & Bernstein, he was traveling back and forth to the Philippines to visit his wife Maria Carla and their son Ramon Jr. for several years. Ramon only wanted to be reunited with his family. As the financial and emotional costs of maintaining two households became too great, he came to us here at Spar & Bernstein to get his family reunited with him here in America quickly. This summer, Maria Carla and Ramon Jr. entered the United States with their green cards. This weekend, Ramon and Maria Carla are taking the whole family to Disney World to celebrate the beginning of an exciting new chapter! This is why we do what we do.

Pictured here is Ramon, Maria Carla, Ramon Jr., and Ramon's aunt with their Spar & Bernstein attorneys Shannon Martine LaGuerre and Brad Bernstein.

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