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Brad Show Live Guests

Managing Partner Brad Bernstein Lands Impressive Lineup of Brad Show Live Guests

Brad Show Live GuestsAttorney Bradford “Brad” Bernstein is a leader in the sector of immigration law and among the most educated and exciting voices in his field. This “Super Lawyer®” offers expertise not only through his practice at the Law Offices of Spar & Bernstein but also as the host of Brad Show Live. It holds a weekly audience of over 50,000 viewers and boasts almost 100,000 followers on FaceBook and Youtube platforms.

Bernstein offers expertise to the masses daily through his immigration production Brad Show Live, broadcasting via Facebook live weekdays at 5:30pm-7: 30 pm EST. Brad Show Live depicts Bernstein tackling a wide range of immigration-related topics and viewer-submitted questions. Discussing common issues such as, obtaining a green card in today’s political climate, providing general advice, and providing feedback from viewers around the world is a critical part of the segment. Bernstein educates, counsels, and comforts immigrants; representing the Spar & Bernstein mission statement: “Everyone has a right to the American dream.”

Brad had Black Panther actor, Bambadjan Bamba on the show talking about his immigration experience growing up in the Bronx New York and Richmond, Virginia as an undocumented immigrant and the importance of DACA. Bambadjan Bamba who also had regular appearances on Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Place, The Sopranos, Parenthood, Chaos, NCIS: LA, ER, Cold Case, and Law & Order talked about the stigma of being labeled as an out of status or an “Illegal immigrant” in Hollywood and the extra hurdles he has to overcome to be successful.

One of Brad Show Live’s most compelling guests was Antoinette Tuff, who saved hundreds of children after talking down a school shooter in Atlanta four years ago. Since then, she utilized her platform to write a book called “Prepared for a Purpose.” She shared her unexpected journey from severe depression to heroism to inspire others to find the bravery within themselves. Antoinette Tuff’s inspiring true story was produced into a Lifetime film, “Faith Under Fire,” with Toni Braxton playing Antoinette.

Another memorable segment included “It Wasn’t Me” superstar Shaggy, who stopped by to discuss his journey to the American Dream and how it has impacted his role as a father. Jamaican-born recording artist Shaggy is the founder of the Shaggy Foundation and its flagship charity event. The Shaggy and Friends Music Festival benefits the Bustamante Hospital for Children in Kingston, Jamaica.

One of Brad Show Live’s first guest was deported US veteran Hector Barajas, who used his unjust deportation as a springboard to start the Deported Veterans Support House for other deported veterans in Tijuana. Former Real Housewife of New York, Aviva Drescher, also recently joined the show to discuss her family’s pursuit of the American Dream; and the incredible work she has done as the spokesperson for the One Step Ahead Foundation which provides access to prosthetic limbs for disabled children around the world.

Other guest stars of the show include Itawe Correa, lead singer of Grammy and Latin Grammy-nominated band Locos Por Juana. Janai Cauthen, the ex-wife of now, deported immigration activist Jean Montrevil. The former US Marine Marco Chavez recently returned to America after 15 years of deportation and a pardon from Governor Brown.

Notable Guests: Forbes 30 Under 30 DACA recipient Reyna Montoya, investigative journalist Annie Hylton, the creator of Dirty Laundry; Enrique Morones, leader of Border Angels which supplies migrants with water along the southern Mexico/US border routes, and Yael Luttwak, director/producer of Maine Girls—a documentary exploring the critical role that young people play in bridging cultural divides.

About Bradford Bernstein

Bernstein graduated from the University of Michigan in 1990 with a degree in Political Science, after which he enrolled at Brooklyn Law School, graduating with honors in 1993. Bernstein later joined his grandfather Harry Spar’s immigration law firm, with the intention of going solo in the field of civil trial. Weeks after opening his private practice, however, a family health emergency led Bernstein to return to Spar’s firm, where he felt a passion for immigration law. Bernstein became a partner in 1997, and upon his grandfather’s retirement in 2000, he took over the firm’s leadership.

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