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Dayanara & Dhana
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Dayanara & Dhana

When the father of Dayanara and Dhana came to our office in 2014, he was on a long waiting list for his green card. He was in legal status on a student visa, but was waiting for over 10 years for his green card based on his US citizen’s parents application for him. But he was even more concerned about Dayanara and Dhana, his children still in the Philippines who were at the time aged 17 and 19, and separated from him for what seemed like an eternity. He also knew that he would have to get his children to America before they turned 21 or they would suffer the same long wait as him for a green card. Luckily his priority date became current several months after retaining us and we quickly adjusted his status to that of a lawful permanent resident in late summer 2015. But that was the easy part! Now we had to move fast to get his children their green cards who were residing in the Philippines before they “aged out”, even under the Child Status Protection Act. We had months to work before the oldest would not be eligible for her green card. We had to work through the bureaucracy to have our client’s file transferred to the National Visa Center, process Affidavits of Support, biographic data, police clearances, and have medical and visa appointments scheduled in months in Manila. And right before our clients oldest daughter “aged out”, she was able to enter the United States with her younger sister. Pictured with me is Dayanara and Dhana who recently entered the United States and are thrilled to be re-united with their father and excited to start a new life in America.

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