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Here I am with out happy client Nazima who just came to our office to pick up her green card making her a lawful permanent resident of the United States. Nazima hired us to prepare and file her adjustment of status application based on her previously approved U-1 visa. She had to hire us because…
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Congratulations to Herman on his citizenship and Rommella on becoming a lawful resident of the United States. Rommella was so happy when she came to our office to pick up her green card! She told me she can't wait to go back to the Philippines to visit her mom who she has not seen for…
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Here I am with our very happy client Maricris. She came to us in October 2014 on a student visa and we helped her to become a permanent resident of the United States. In the span of 6.5 months, we filed an adjustment application for Maricris, and she went for her interview to obtain her…
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When Camaile came to our office in November 2013, she was already stopped at JFK airport and placed into removal and deportation proceedings after returning to the United States from visiting her sick mother in Jamaica. Due to a misrepresentation in her green card application, the Immigration Service was looking to take her green card…
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