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USA Immigration

The United States has become a destination country for many people around the world. Whether individuals are drawn to the land of red, white and blue for
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Citizenship and Naturalization

Our services assist clients in navigating the numerous laws and regulations that affect how U.S. permanent residents may qualify for U.S. citizenship and naturalization.
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Green Card

There are several categories of eligibility for a Green Card. A Green Card may be obtained through family, through employment, as a special immigrant
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The process for requesting consideration of DACA (either initially or as a renewal) can be confusing and complex. Our attorneys assist DACA applicants
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Change Of Status

If an individual’s primary purpose for being in the United States has changed, or if a foreign national currently in the United States seeks to apply for lawful permanent resident status
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Deportation and Removal

There are numerous grounds on which an individual may be deported from the U.S. Generally, an individual may be deported if the person entered the U.S. without the appropriate authority, disobeys the terms of admission to
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Work Visa

The rules and regulations governing employment-based visas in the United States are increasingly complex with policy changes being implemented on a regular basis.Our firm assists both
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our commitment

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to our clients, and fighting for the best possible outcomes of any case that we take on. We understand that seeking legal counsel can be difficult; we’re here to make it easier, relieve your anxiety, and provide you with peace of mind. Client confidence comes from delivering results - the cornerstone of our reputation. At Spar Bernstein, we are dedicated to building relationships through communication, trust, and respect. Maintaining the highest moral ethics in client relationships and within the legal community is our foremost priority.

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