American Green Card Lottery

American Green Card Lottery

The Green Card Lottery, officially known as The Diversity Visa Lottery, is a chance for anyone from qualifying countries to get their green card. The purpose of this program is to increase diversity within the U.S. Hence, only people from underrepresented countries are allowed to apply.

To participate in the lottery program, you need to register and apply. If you win the American Green Card Lottery, you will enjoy all the benefits of permanent residency in the US. The DV lottery is a great way to get into the US, however, there are chances you may not qualify for the program. Even if you are eligible, only a few will win the lottery. If you don’t win the Diversity Lottery, don’t be discouraged, there are other options.

Different Ways to Apply For US Green Card, Other Than American Green Card Lottery

  • Green Card through Marriage – If you marry a US citizen, there are positives chances you may get a US Green Card. Before applying, make sure you have obtained a legal marriage certificate and authentic proofs to justify your marriage. Consult with our experienced immigration attorneys to know details about the procedure.
  • Green Card through Employment – Employment in the US can provide you a Green Card, with all benefits of American Citizenship. Just ask your employer to sponsor you, and file the Green Card application accordingly. This approach of getting into the US entirely depends on your employment. If your employer is willing to sponsor you without any conditions, you may immigrate to the US with full rights & benefits.
  • Green Card through Family – It is easy to obtain a US Green Card when your family is willing to sponsor you. If your mother, father, brother, sister, or an immediate relative is an American Citizen, you may able to immigrate to the US. Talk to our attorneys today to understand the entire process of immigration through the family.

US Government is very much disciplined when it comes to immigration. The entire procedure of filing a Green Card application in the US involves many complications. Don’t lose hope, if you don’t qualify for the American Green Card Lottery.

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