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The Brad Show January 11, 2018 LAWLINK EDITION

Immigration Law FAQ

Immigration attorney Brad Bernstein and CEO Annakie of WVIP 93.5 FM stream live from the Law Offices of Spar and Bernstein in NYC to answer your legal immigration questions like: If you are married to a United States citizen , how soon can you adjust your status and can your spouse for a child who is 18 and lives outside of the US? Later Spar and Bernstein Tax Attorney Carmela Walrond's joins Brad Squeeze to share some tips on how to make sure you're ready for tax season under the new tax plan Other immigration questions in this episode include? How does a couple file joint tax returns if one of them is out of status? If you overstayed on a visa, will your green card application be denied? How long will it take a citizen of the United States to file for an adult child? How long will it take for an I-130 to be approved for your spouse if you are a US citizen? What does it mean if your notice of intent to revoke was reaffirmed? How much will it cost to adjust the status of a parent? If you are a conditional green card holder, should you apply for WIC? How long does it take to get approval after your parent filed for you? If you sponsored your spouse who has not worked for most of the year, should you list them as a dependent or file a joint tax return? How can you get a green card if you are out of status and have children that are citizens of the United States? Can US citizen file for a sibling in another country, how long will that take? Can you file for an out of status adult child if you are a conditional green card holder? What forms should you file for a SIJ (Special Immigrant Juvenile) case? How soon after receiving approval for an I-130 visa will you be scheduled for an interview? What forms are required to adjust your status through marriage and how much will it cost? If you did a self-petition and were approved for a work permit, why haven't you received it yet? How long after prima facie is established will your case be approved? Can you get a work permit through prima facie? Can you adjust your widow petition if you did not include your child on your case? If you are resident of the United States, how do you file for adult children? If your green card expired, what should you do? How much does it cost to renew a green card? If your green card expired, do you have to renew it before you can file for US citizenship? How long does it take for a citizen of the United States to file for a parent? If you are a US citizen who filed for an adult child who was denied due to a arrest, how do you get a waiver? If you are a green card holder, can you travel to Canada without a visa? Do you need a passport to travel to Canada? How can you adjust the status of children who were abandoned in the United States? How can you come to the US if you were denied a visa to visit? If a green card holder was arrested what should they do when their green card expires? If you are a green card holder, what is the process to adjust the status of a spouse who is visiting on a visitors visa? If you were arrested for a drug felony over 20 years ago, should your child file for you? Can you apply for advance parole with SIJ (Special Immigration Juvenile) and do you need to file an I-864W? Can you file to become a citizen of the United States, if you lost your green card? If you are a lawful permanent resident of the US and want to file for your minor child who lives outside of the United States, will you need to get consent from the other parent? What should you do if your joint sponsor no longer wants to be a part of your affidavit of support? If you are permanent resident of the US who filed for a child, what should you do if you have not received any response? If you sponsor your parent, will your 18 year old sibling be able to join the case? If someone filed for you, should you apply for a visitors visa? How much does it cost to become a citizen of the United States? Are you exempt for any part of the US citizenship test? What is advance parole?

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