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Misrepresentation About Marital Status & Waiver

In this video, you’ll hear two questions. First, a radio listener who is a U.S. citizen but doesn’t have a passport asks how he could get his passport quickly in order for him to travel to his home country for funeral. Immigration lawyer Brad Bernstein takes another question from a guest who made a misrepresentation about his marital status when he obtained his tourist visa. he is now married, and applying for his green card. His misrepresentation about his prior marriage is now coming back to haunt him. Check out for Brad’s legal advice. Since 1958, Spar Bernstein Lewis immigration lawyers has counseled more than 75,000 people to obtain their immigration benefits in the United States including obtaining green cards. Our seasoned immigration attorneys handle all phases of immigration, including permanent residence, green cards, corporate immigration, family immigration, violations of immigration law, work, training and investor visas, and deportation defense. For more information about how our immigration lawyers can help you, visit our website or give our New York immigration attorneys a call at 1.646.883.9638.

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